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Online Singing Lessons for Beginners

Singing is an art form that requires practice and dedication. If you aspire to high levels of artistry and creativity, then this is the place for you. Former students have released singles, become professionals in the West End, founded studios, become teachers, direct choirs for a living, and work to bring musical benefits to all around them. Here, we offer you the same quality of online singing lessons so that you can learn how to sing at home whilst achieving the highest standards possible.

There are free taster online singing lessons so that you can get a feel for this very unique methodology and you are able to request a free tour of our singing lessons online library.

Singer’s Posture

Posture is more important than anyone ever realises. It is not about standing up tall, pulling your stomach in, shoulders back etc. A beginning singer’s posture is about having flexibility within the body so that the breathing is free, that the body works as nature intended, that the bones and flesh are held in a soft way so that sound resonates and thus enhances your natural tone. Developing excellent resonance maximises or leverages the voice that you naturally have and correct singer’s posture is crucial to this. Beginner singing lessons that do not start with posture will never allow a singer to reach their full potential.

Singers’ Breathing

Many singing teachers teach different approaches to breathing, again, crucial to the progress of all singers at all levels. Our approaches vary according to the student and the repertoire. Beginning singers need simple approaches that make an immediate difference. More advanced singers need different approaches according to the emotion and style within the song. A belt tone or powerful phrase requires much physical support to achieve its best and this takes us back to posture. What singing lessons for beginners must address is the depth of breath, the expansion of the torso and the removal of any snatch breath.

All singers benefit from starting with an adaptation of the Buddhist concept of breathing, such as the singers breathing technique that I demonstrate below:

Singing Lessons: Pitch and Intonation

If you’re looking to improve your pitch and intonation, we have combined the Kodaly philosophy and solfege with modern pop repertoire. Using the “do-re-mi” system and by training the inner ear (hearing pitches accurately in your head), singers develop accurate intonation rapidly. They also begin to discover vocal harmonies and, due to their more rapid pitch recognition, sing runs and licks in the style of Mariah Carey and others very easily.

Singing Lesson Technique for Beginner Singers

We’ve put together a series of online singing lessons designed to help you learn how to sing better. These lessons will teach you how to sing more confidently and easily. Your range will expand, your tone will improve, your breath management will develop, your attention to detail will be improved, note onsets and endings will be considered and vibrato or delayed vibrato carefully applied.

Singers Vocal Tone for Beginner Singing Lessons

Different online beginner singing lessons require a different focus depending on the individual. However, all beginning singers will discover what they need. A singing lessons for a beginner who has a breathy voice will focus the tone more and reduce waste air. Online singing lessons for beginners who consistently belt, will create a greater variety in their tone and thus more expression. As mentioned in the video above – the singers breath is the absolute starting point.

Singing Lesson Vocal Work Outs

Our online singing lessons include vocal work outs. However these singing lessons are not simply intense vocal gym sessions; they’re carefully designed to help you learn the basics of singing, such as breathing techniques, vocal range, tone, vibrato, resonance, posture etc. Each digital magazine singing course includes video examples on most pages so that you can sing along with us, with a piano support..

Work on Your Voice with The Maestro Online

We also offer online singing lessons that focus on improving your voice and singing expression. These lessons will enable those with the greatist artistic aspirations to thrive and succeed, just as the students before them truly have.

The online singing courses for beginners in the subscription library include Zoom support and the opportunity to request specific courses for your needs.

Individual 1-1 singing lessons via Zoom or in-person (Teesside, UK), are tailored to every individual. They do not follow a pre-destined route, but are specific to you.

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