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So what is the Organ Lessons Online Library all about? Prepare to be dazzled! Hours, days and weeks have been spent recording organ videos and creating digital organ magazines that will offer you something completely different and entirely fun, focussed on sound first and symbol second using material that will dazzle you and send your fun endorphins around an entire football pitch!

Organ Lessons Online Pedal Technique

That toes only lark? We’re starting with heel and toe, rotating from the ankle and developing a full on sophisticated Romantic technique that will take you through the most advanced repertoire. “Does that mean there’s no toes-only technique for Baroque repertoire?” I hear you cry? Oh yes, there is, that’s another set of videos! Pivot from the ankle starts with toe-heel and then when you come to toes only you aren’t moving your legs up and down, but are making a small refined movement that will allow you to play quicker, more advanced repertoire effectively later on.

Organ Lessons Online Repertoire

What, you are not ready to play Saint-Saens Organ Symphony? We’ll leave that to the world-class soloists such as David Briggs and Wayne Marshall for this week, let’s tackle it next week ourselves! Well, you don’t need a full on difficult piece to learn good technique; short fun snippets are the answer. Where do we start? James Bond of course! Does that mean that classical repertoire isn’t there? Is this a rebel organ lessons method online? No, this is a holistic, all-inclusive method that includes all styles of music and doesn’t rank anything above anything else. However, fun is very much at the core alongside technique, improvisation and creativity.

Organ Lessons Online Improvisation

Part of my research and teaching has all been connected with historical improvisation and how people learned to play the Pipe Organ or Harpsichord in the Renaissance and later. This is really fun and is a different way of learning.

Part of the method is learning short fun songs and connecting them with the ‘inner ear’ (hearing music in your head derived from the Kodaly philosophy). Playing them in many keys, working out intervals, figuring out which chords fit and developing keyboard harmony, trying different textures and accompaniment styles and then FREEDOM – improvise your own variant.

Organ Lessons Online – Putting this all together

Are you crazy Robin? Oh yes, in a fun way! Here’s a video summary of a lesson with a pupil of mine from yesterday. Here’s all the pieces we covered, melded together into an improvisation and, yes, that’s what she’s aiming to do for next week! Maximum 3 recording takes so all mistakes are real!

James Bond (Film)

We Will Rock You (Queen)

Ole (Football/Soccer chant)

Trumpet Tune (Purcell)

Ode to Joy (Beethoven)

Oh When the Saints (Spiritual)

Holistic Organ Lessons Online

So, do you get the word “holistic” now? Transposition, improvisation, technique, all styles, creativity and, yes, the usual sight-reading etc will be included too (notation isn’t abandoned, the route is “from sound to notation”). Why Sound to Notation? That’s how we naturally learn. Babies hear their parents, copy sounds (listening), re-order the sounds to make their own phrases/babbles (improvisation), then read and finally learn to write.

Will we learn to get everything right and never make mistakes? No. Nor will I! I deliberately record all of my improvisations in a maximum of 3 takes. Why? They are fresh, they are real, they are not edited. This is an honest organ lessons online course meeting you exactly where you are and taking you on a fun journey.

Organ Lessons Online Live are also very much available.

When will the Organ Lessons Online Library be Ready?

The organ lessons online library will be launched within September 2021. Lessons will be Enhanced PDF magazines. They will be a kind of digital glossy magazine with embedded videos and they will be fun with text guiding you as well.

In the mean time – why not book some organ lessons online LIVE?

LIVE Organ Lessons Online for ALL LEVELS

Robin teaches for the Royal College of Organists Academy and teaches at all levels. Summer 2021 alone he contributed teaching 3 FRCO pupils and 5 ARCO pupils for their entries. He has also been an examiner for the paperwork aspect of RCO diplomas. RCO history, analysis, theory, improvisation and aural training are a particular strength in his teaching.

Organ Lessons Online LIVE

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Dr Robin Harrison PhD BMus(Hons)/GradRNCM FNCM ARCO LTCL DipLCM PGCE(QTS) MISM teaches organ lessons online and face-to-face from beginners to professionals in all styles.

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