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A Journalistic review of The Maestro Online published an article about The Maestro Online and holistic online music teaching here (or see below) on 26th March 2021. Why should somebody learn online and are there really advantages to an online system? The article is quoted below:

A Teesside musician who reached the top of the jazz charts has created an online music platform to train budding musicians.

The Maestro Online is the brainchild of Dr Robin Harrison, the director of music at Barnard Castle School.

The online platform has a catalogue of virtual video lessons and live one-to-one coaching sessions are available.

It has been designed to reach an international pool of pupils of all abilities and ages for piano, organ, and singing.

Dr Harrison, who has almost 30 years of teaching experience, will focus his piano teaching methods on chord progressions and improvisation rather than the traditional method of starting at Middle C.

He commented: “We have been thrown into a new era of virtual learning and that doesn’t have to hold back those who want to learn about music and how to play an instrument or sing.”

“My holistic approach is about teaching the whole person; it is about teaching music rather than teaching a piece. I create experiences that leave a profound impression, developing the whole musician to be a fully rounded artist.”

He continued: “The ability to improvise for instance enhances creativity and an enhanced ‘ear’ allows the performer to be aware of subtle details which can then lead the voice or fingers, rather than respond to them. The idea that you can hear what you want to do in your head and then make your body reproduce that is at the forefront of my teaching.”

Online Organ and Piano Lessons

Online music lessons can have advantages over face-to-face lessons. This morning was a perfect example in which I was working on dictation with advanced organ and piano PhD and FRCO pupils. The ability to play something on the piano or organ and the other person instantly copy back as an instant dictation method has made the amount gained in terms of “progress per lesson” very significant.

Vocal Lessons Online

Vocal lessons online are in many ways no different to those in person, but this digital age allows for video summaries at the end of lessons that are then uploaded to a shared Google Drive area for pupils to work with in the week. A new starter adult student worked on breathing today, learning how posture and how to breathe in can directly alter tone and create more warmth and roundness in the voice. Furthermore, the student learned how to modify his resonance quickly so that his higher pitched notes sounded less thin. All of the techniques used in the lesson are in the video for him to work on all week and all of the exercises can be applied to any song of his choice.

Magazine Library

Another evolving area of The Maestro Online business model is a magazine style library of interactive lessons with embedded videos and interactive software. Why would you take courses online via this particular website? Well:

(1) You subscribe to the whole library. Via other websites you might subscribe to a course and find it’s the wrong online course for you, but here you have access to everything.

(2) You have a person behind the library offering bespoke online support and responding to requests all the time. The personal touch is where an online teacher can really make a difference.

(3) If you a busy person, online libraries allow you to access courses whenever it is convenient for you.

(4) It is very cost effective in comparison to 1-1 lessons.

(5) There are also celebrity music masterclasses from musicians who’ve regular toured with A List celebrities.

The Maestro Online

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