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“I feel like he makes it easy to learn because you keep doing new things, he shows you how in a way that’s unique to both him and you because if that’s how you learn best then that’s how you’re going to learn. There’s no ‘This is how you do it, now repeat a million times’ it just flows naturally and you learn how you want to.” Ed

Dr Robin Harrison FRSA is your supportive, holistic piano lesson, organ lesson, singing lesson teacher & vocal coach – music for everyone.

  • 30 years of teaching experience, 1-1 expert lessons, schools, colleges, universities, kindergarten to diplomas to postgraduate.
  • Extremely highly qualified: composition, piano, organ and singing diplomas, conservatoire degree and musicology PhD.
  • Huge breadth of musical styles (more music for everyone!).
  • Many music students become professional musicians (music for everyone here too: classical, pop, studio, teachers, performers).
  • Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.
  • Academy teacher for the Royal College of Organists.
  • Teaching pedagogy published by Routledge (2021).
  • Former no. 1 in UK and 33 globally for putting jazzy spins on popular melodies.


Dr Robin Harrison FRSA has been a music teacher in piano (classical, jazz and rock pop), organ, singing (classical, pop, musical theatre) for over 30 years. Ex number 33 rock pop piano and jazz piano pianist worldwide, Robin was originally classically trained at the Royal Northern College of Music. He self-released 3 rock pop piano albums and teaches from beginner through to advanced diplomas. He is also a sought after composer and choral director.

Where The Musical Journey Began…

My initial journey was conventional and in no way reflects who I am today, but certainly established a grounding. I began with recorder club after school until Mrs Williams said, “I only do recorder club because the headmaster asked me to and you’ve got as far as I can teach you”. The local council ran a scheme that enabled me to get free clarinet lessons and the loan of a clarinet. I also joined a local church choir and this is where the whole journey began for me.

Once I started Senior School I began organ lessons and gained my Grade 8 in 2 years. I won bursaries and studied with some wonderful leading people. Following this, I was offered a place at the Royal College of Music in my audition, but, being scared of running up London debts, I accepted a place at the Royal Northern College of Music instead.

My ‘real’ journey was yet to begin. I participated in a week of courses at Dartington International Summer School with an amazing group called “Black Voices” who sang in the Gospel tradition. I loved it so much that I wanted to experience more. Initially, I spent time living with a Mandinku tribe in Gambia and learned their singing and drumming with their griot (leader). I also spent time with tribes in South Africa, particularly in Ladysmith where Ladysmith Black Mambazo originate (think Paul Simon and the World Cup rugby fame).

When I started teaching in Cairo (I was there for 4 years) I met an amazing Russian jazz pianist who actually studied jazz in Moscow in the 70s and later arranged music for the Russian army. This was a huge turning point for me – 4 years of rock, pop and jazz without being allowed a jot of notation in my lessons. This was a new world! Later I reached no. 1 in a small chart and 33 globally, putting jazzy spins on pop songs.

What advice would you give to an aspiring musician that’s nervous about getting on stage?

The very best advice I’ve received, which I pass on to all students, is to think about the area around you that is your comfort zone. When you feel nervous, you feel like people are entering your personal/emotional space. If you turn this round, foster strong emotional connections with the song, express its true meaning as you perceive it in your heart, and then expand your comfort zone, taking the song out to your audience, then you will be sharing with them. You will give them what you feel in your soul and create a connection that no top artist can truly explain, but all get a tremendous buzz from.


What is The Maestro Online Platform?

The Maestro Online is a music learning platform with a difference.

It includes 1-1 in-person and Zoom lessons as well as a subscription library of music courses and celebrity music masterclasses. It aims to meet the needs of all styles of music, music for everyone. The aim is for musicians to achieve high standards as individual artists and not clone copies of famous people. The library of music courses work as supplements to existing 1-1 lessons or as add-ons. Singing, piano, organ and guitar courses start with the ear and evolve rapidly into harmonies, improvisation and more, all with deep understanding of music and individuality. Famous song snippets, such as “We Will Rock You”, train ‘you, the musician’, developing your skills so that you can do whatever you want to, however you want to in the future. No two members of the library end up with identical performances; what other platform or teaching method can offer that?!

Celebrity masterclasses are continually expanding with Madonna’s keyboard player, the pianist who has just finished touring with The Jacksons, a saxophonist who has played for Whitney Houston, a singer who has worked with Stormzy and so many more. These artists have been so on board with The Maestro Online philosophy – they see the need for a high quality music education that trains the individual artist to be unique and high calibre. The Maestro Online brings international level musicians into your living room.

All of the celebrity courses allow you to think as a session musician, convert what you hear in your head into your performance, incorporate important technique and really enhance your musicianship. The platform is about to expand to enable you to reach such celebrity musicians for 1-1 sessions too. Furthermore, Ofqal accredited exams and diplomas based on The Maestro Online courses are in the long-term pipeline.

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