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From an experienced Director of Music at all levels. From Kindergarten through High School right to College, From KS1-KS4 and Beyond.

A good teacher can change your life. They see something in you that you might not be aware of, and they do everything they can to help you see it, even if they are not yet your teacher in any official capacity. It’s just what they do. That is true of Robin, and the wonderful transformation he helped me achieve.


I can highly recommend Robin – my 15 year old son is having online musicianship and theory lessons, working towards rock school electric guitar grades – he loves it! The lessons are dynamic and tailored to my son’s musical tastes and interests and he said he learned more from his first lesson than he had all year in school.


I would like to thank Robin for his clever approach to teaching my daughter playing piano and using music as a therapy .
He recognises student’s learning style and is able to work along it to achieve great results. He is able to make something out of nothing and making the learning experience enjoyable for the student.
It’s an art.
On several occasions he was able to incorporate relaxation and meditation techniques during lesson.
His patient approach helps nervous students.
My daughter will never be a Beethoven but thank to Robin she likes what she’s doing and is keen on to going back to piano in the evening to play a tune for us.
She enjoys it and we enjoy it also.
Seeing others happy doing something is a happy experience.
I would recommend Robin as a teacher who understands student and his/her needs and offers more than the piano lesson. It’s a music therapy and fun.
Thank you again Robin!


With fun, expert teaching and strategic planning all fused together

Homeschool Music Lessons Appreciation Curriculum

Dr Robin Harrison PhD has 30 years of teaching experience and is probably the most qualified teacher that you will ever find with composition, piano, organ and singing diplomas alongside a conservatoire degree and musicology PhD.

Here you will find the BEST Homeschool Music Lessons because they are entirely bespoke to your requirements. Wherever you are in the world, you may well have a specific curriculum that you wish to satisfy, you may have a specific idea of what you would like from music homeschooling, or you may feel a little in the dark and need me to design your homeschool music program.

Homeschool Music Lessons for all Ages and Levels

I am very happy to tailor homeschool music lessons bespoke schemes to your needs so that your child can have a music class at home that meets your requirements. For instance, at the higher level end, a recent homeschool music student of mine specifically took homeschool music lessons to help him achieve his music diplomas. Vast experienced at the youngest end too, from Kindergarten upwards with a wealth of fun music game activities that enhance general musicianship as well as creating an environment in which homeschool music appreciation and general musicianship blossoms. You will not need to change homeschool music lessons to another teacher as your child grows up because these are expert lessons at all levels and meet your entire needs in all styles.

Online Music Lessons for Children

For the very youngest years, much teaching is Kodaly based. For that age, you would need to be with your young person and you would join in. I would teach you a range of games that enhance the feeling for pulse, rhythm and pitch. These would set a solid foundation for later years playing an instrument or singing. A lot of movement would be involved – not much sitting still at all!

Homeschool Music Lessons Online Digital Library

Want to do it yourself? Tight on your budget? Then this is where the Digital Magazine Video Lessons Library comes in. The best course for most people in this situation is the piano course, which is totally holistic. It takes short snippets of famous songs, connects them with your ear and solfege, teaches you to play them from the “get-go”. Then you learn a left hand/bass line, which you next develop into chords and explore different textures. Improvisation is also a very prominent element of these lessons and the library. This library is thorough, continually expanding (currently with several new magazines per week) and very cost effective. One monthly fee gives you access to absolutely everything (you don’t “pay per course”, but rather become a member of the library).

Holistic Homeschool Music Lessons Online

So you are probably not just looking at homeschool music lessons because you want something superior, but because you want the best for your child, your young person and their well-being and perhaps they have particular individual health or learning needs. My music lessons are holistic and you can discover more details here. Longterm teacher-parent-student relationships really do matter.

The Kodaly Philosophy for Music Appreciation Homeschool Music Lessons

Homeschool music classes incorporate the Kodaly philosophy (one of my toolkit items, but there are plenty more besides) and so musicianship and ear training are an important part of these music lessons for homeschoolers. The Kodaly philosophy also includes many games and pedagogical strategies that further develop the whole musician, thus improving young musicianship skills and performances on all instruments and voice. Part of my theories on aural training were published in 2021 as a chapter in an international book on aural training by Routledge (see my Aural Training page)

Homeschool Music Lessons Booking Flexibility

The greatest advantage of this homeschool music lessons online booking system if you are booking individual lessons is that up to 96 hours before your lesson you can alter the time of the lesson without penalty, so if you suddenly have a medical appointment or similar, no problem!

Also, as a financial incentive, currently there’s a 25% off new homeschool music lessons online student discount. If you block book music lessons by “adding” them to your basket, then the 25% off applies to the entire first payment (don’t forget to use the code on the bookings page).

If you would like to have a more general homeschool music lessons online class combined with other students, please complete the form below and I will endeavour to combine other enquiries should they come in.

I am more than happy to meet you on Zoom/Whatsapp before booking to discuss your homeschool music lessons online needs and requirements.

Homeschool Music Lessons: History Of Music

An in-depth experience of teaching the History of Music from all eras and in all styles fused with a wealth of resources created over 30 years are perfect for homeschool music classes. Is it boring? Certainly not! All teaching is interactive and fun with game style learning, discussion and activities all being at the core = fun music class at home!

Homeschool Music Theory and Composition

This does not have to be boring either! Learn through ‘doing’! Fun games and exercises, even at the very highest levels with adult students, allow people to learn through practical activities. At the highest level I extensive experienced composition teaching (I have been awarded a Fellowship for my own work), orchestration, harmonising in the style of Bach, Mozart, jazz theory, pop theory, gospel and more besides are all available.

Homeschool Choir and Band

Is this possible? Yes it is, you can still have instrumental and vocal ensemble experiences in homeschool music classes.

What does a General Musicianship Homeschool Music Lesson Consist of?

Homeschool music lessons for general musicianship or younger learners include interactive activities that involve much movement. They instil musicianship, a stronger sense of pulse, pitch and many skills that make people better singers and instrumental performers. They are all progressive and structured so that improvement can be seen over a period of time. ALL LESSONS have video summaries at the end that you /your child can work with before the next session.

Time Zones

Worried about homeschool music lessons online and time zones?

Yes, I’m based in the UK, but I, believe it or not, start at 5:00 am and often finish at 11:00 pm. I work my day around my commitments. I work very hard to give the best homeschool music lessons available.

Homeschool Piano Lessons Online

Now expand it further – not just curriculum. Homeschool piano lessons not just from the comfort of your own home, but to the highest standards in all styles and with much fun. All lessons include bespoke videos made every lesson to help you and your child prepare and practice for the following homeschool piano lesson online.

I am a national level teacher and former diploma examiner.

Rock Pop Piano Lessons Online

Jazz Piano Lessons Online

Classical Piano Lessons Online

Homeschool Organ Lessons Online

So this may seem a niche market, but, yes, I teach lots of students the pipe organ online. Perhaps this is for you or your children too!

I teach as an academy teacher for the Royal College of Organists and have examined their diplomas.

Beginner Organ Lessons

Advanced Organ Lessons

Current Homeschool Music Classes for Home Education

Group Classes – Current Enquiries: Please let me know the groups that you would like. Currently I have enquiries for more students for:

  1. 3-4 year old fun interactive music class (lots of games for parent and young person!)

  2. 10 year old general music class.

  3. 10-12 year old piano and singing classes

  4. 12-14 year old piano and singing classes

  5. Other classes that you request!

Homeschool Singing Lessons Online

My previous students have released singles, reached the finals of national level UK TV singing competitions, gained roles in the West End as soloists, become music teachers themselves and much besides.

Music class for homeschool singing can be not just fun, but the best online homeschool programs too!

Pop Vocal Coach Online

Musical Theatre Singing Lessons Online

Classical Singing Lessons Online

The qualities of holistic homeschool music lessons

Play Video about Home School Music Lessons

Music Tutor for Homeschooling Reviews

Pupils and Headteachers

I just wanted to tell you thank you for being such an amazing teacher. Your class was one of the very few classes that I used to look forward to in school.

I used to feel seen in your class. You made an effort to see each one of us. And that made all the difference.

I’m sure I’m not the only one who felt that way. So thank you for being you and doing what you love and making a difference in so many peoples lives.

Joy Nassif (Cairo)

Dr Robin Harrison has a wealth of musical experience and an inclusive approach to the teaching and learning of music at Primary level. All children experience success and programmes of study are individually tailored to suit different needs. Robin’s enthusiasm is boundless; enthusiasm which is infectious, inspiring children and teachers alike.’

Gillian Taylor, Head teacher


I sat in with the Year 3 class (7 to 8 year olds) who began the session by appearing self conscious and embarrassed at having to sing etc. I can honestly say that by the end of the session every child was joining in having shed all their inhibitions. What a difference an hour makes, Dr Harrison made the session fun and informative at the same time and I’m sure many of the children came away as budding musicians!

I took Year 1 into a group session with Dr Harrison. The Children were very engaged and enjoyed singing the songs. By the end of the session they had learned three different songs without realising and were able to reproduce actions relating to the songs. Some of the songs involved singing solos. All of the children thoroughly enjoyed this session at the time.

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