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A Library of Singing Courses, Singing Technique, Sight-Singing, Aural & Solfège

Pedagogy in Singing Lessons

Musicianship Skills at the Core

  • Ear, start with sound & solfège, sing in tune from the get-go.
  • Keys, perform famous songs
  • Harmonise,
  • use solfege to discover harmonies.
  • Technique, classical or pop, a vocal coach with experience.
  • Read & sight-read – unique method enhances musicianship.

1-1 Singing Support

Supporting the individual.

  • Holistic approach.
  • Bespoke courses at your request.
  • Fully supported by zoom and email (better than any app!).

Celebrity Singing Masterclasses

Making you a creative vocal artiste.

  • Celebrity masterclasses ‘give you that edge’.
  • The Maestro is Published by Routledge.
  • Professional musicians, performers… learned here: aim high!

Why These Singing Lessons Online?

Detailed singing pedagogy from years of experience and collaboration with international names.

Holistic – in terms of technique and repertoire. Work with your body to produce your natural best.

Digital magazines with integrated tutorial videos break tasks into readily comprehensible steps.

Core technique: singer’s posture, breathing, vocal range, tongue exercises, natural resonance, and tonal variety. Learn to sing in tune well, develop professional technique, discover harmonies, create runs and improvise.

Excellence at Affordable Prices – imagine what you would pay for the best singing lessons in person.


What Areas Are Covered?

Enhance your vocal journey today! Singing courses that refine tuning, develop harmony singing, vocal technique, sight-singing and all-around musicianship.

From the No More Auto-Tune Pop Vocals series to professional ear training, to masterclasses with singers at an international level – it’s all here for you.

Pop Singing Courses
("No More Autotune" Series)

Sight-Singing, Aural, Kodaly

Professional Singing Technique in the Masterclasses

The No More Autotune Series

This series is inspired by the Kodaly approach, starting with pentatonic melodies, adding harmonies, studying vocal technique, learning how to sing runs, developing the blues scale, major scales, natural minor and much more.

Rockin' All Over the World
(Status Quo)

Lost Boy
(Ruth B)

(Justin Bieber)

Marry You
(Bruno Mars)

Can't Stop the Feeling
(Justin Timberlake)

Don't Start Now
(Dua Lipa)

(Sea Shanty)

Good 4 U
(Olivia Rodrigo)

Turning Tables

This Love
(Maroon 5)

Proud Mary
(Credence Clearwater)

Everybody Needs Somebody
(Blues Brothers)

Great Balls of Fire
(Jerry Lee Lewis)

Crocodile Rock
(Elton John)

I'm Not the Only One
(Sam Smith)

Roar Pentatonic Runs
(Work Out)

The Solfège Courses

These are focused specifically on ear training, from exam sight-singing leading right up to diploma level.

Step 1 These courses use famous popular tunes to make the whole process more accessible.

Step 2 Melodic decorations such as neighbour notes, turns, runs.

Step 3 Counterpoint – coping with 2 or more musical lines simultaneously & canons.

Step 4 Cadences and harmonies including perfect, imperfect cadences etc.

Step 5 Modulations – moving from one key to another.

Step 6  – Sight-singing using familiar tunes.

Step 7  – Sight-singing using unfamiliar tunes.



Singing Lessons Online

What do Professional Singing Lesson Teachers think?

Pop Pentatonic Runs Course Review by Nashville Vocal Coach, Susan Anders.

Sight-Singing Course and Solfege Course Reviews by Deborah Catterall, former Co-Director National Youth Choir of Great Britain, Singing Teacher at the Royal Northern College of Music


What do our Online Singing Lessons Students Say?

Absolutely brilliant! You have really mastered these Robin! Definitely onto something.

Robin’s online music tutorials are fantastic for both myself and my children. Having access to the tutorials online is a great idea, especially when you are busy and unable to commit to specific times for formal music lessons. The tutorials are informative and are often based on modern songs -to keep you engaged. I would highly recommend these to anyone to both adults and children. Great value for money considering the brilliant content and expertise of Robin. Lucy

I love the graphics and the videos are awesome! There’s so much in it. All relevant, educational and really helpful. It’s like having 3 months of lessons in one course. I love it! Thank you so much for putting it all together! Susan

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