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Develop your ear, musicianship, understanding, creativity & definitely improvise freely.


How are these Organ Lessons Online Holistic Courses?

  1. Start with the ear,
  2. Develop the performance of a famous melody alongside transposition (different keys),
  3. Improvise on melodic and harmonic concepts to gain a deeper understanding through ‘doing’,
  4. Connect with reading adapted notation of the song/piece in question and sight-reading,
  5. Diploma level organ masterclasses include innovative, thorough approaches to transposition, harmonisation, renaissance and classical improvisation.

Perfect stand-alone skills based units for independent learners, or as a supplement to your existing 1-1 organ lessons.

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What do others say about the Organ Lessons Online Library of Courses?

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International Concert Organist Extroadinaire, Kevin Bowyer, reviews the Popular Pedal Method.

Linda using an Organ Lesson Online Course

Linda reviews the organ lessons online

Who are the Organ Courses For?

These are perfect for teenagers, adults, beginners, experienced players and even university or conservatoire students. The thorough musicianship covers all keys through popular melodies (classical and contemporary) and enables you to develop TOTAL musical freedom.  Theory, improvisation, transposition and ear training are integral from the start via practical activities.

What’s in the Organ Courses?

This subscription organ courses are not a ‘copy me youtube tutorial’; rather they train you to be a real musician with thorough musicianship skills. The courses have many pages, using relative solfege, videos teaching melody, two independent hands, chords, counterpoint (completely different things happening at the same time), adjusting textures, improvisation ideas and guidance and then notation if you would like it: chord symbols, treble and bass clef, sight-reading derived and guided based on elements within snippets of pieces such as Who Wants to Live For Ever or classical pieces such as Dvorak’s Largo.  The purpose of the library of organ courses is to allow you to play the way that you want from the get-go, think “in keys”, improvise and give you the skills to play anything that you would like by ear or by reading.

Organ Course Tasks and Objectives

Each organ course includes clear tasks and objectives on every page which you tick off as you go.  By the end of each organ course you will see a summary of your objectives and a light-hearted quiz on what you have learned. On completion of all objectives and the quiz, a downloadable certificate becomes available. There are even league tables for logging on and for gaining certificate points should you be up for a bit of gamification!

Extending Your Organ Playing Further

To take you even further, there are some stunning celebrity organ masterclasses in classical styles including the French, German, Baroque and Romantic styles. There are also courses using “partimenti”, the method Mozart used.

Online Organ Lessons with a Personal Touch

There’s a human being behind this library of organ courses – once a member, you can even request specific courses that you would like.  There’s also the opportunity to make contact and discuss your challenges.

Low monthly fee, cancel any time.  Learn at your pace, when you want, in the comfort of your own home


Online Organ Course Reviews


How are these Organ Courses Different?

These organ lessons online follow the way human beings learn, from birth, starting with hearing, reproducing and then moving to reading and writing. They deliberately start with the black keys for pedagogical reasons including hand shape and identifying patterns on the keyboard.

The range of melodic snippets include traditional and popular tunes of all styles.

Customer Reviews

When I last opened my Bach 8 Little Preludes and Fugues book it made this much sense. After today’s lesson with @Maestro1Online. I see logic. I might actually be able to play this. I never thought that was possible. #organlessonsonline #organlessons

Steve, Selt-Study Organist

My husband added that well-known organ teachers would be unable to teach this. Because this is so revolutionary and brilliant can you copyright it ASAP?

Camilla, Self-Study Organist & Professional Musician

I like the solfeggi approach very much – might have taught me to transpose – which I still can’t do! Way too late now!

Kevin Bowyer, Professional Organist of International Repute

Level 1

Start with just 3 notes

Just starting Organ Lessons Online. You are excited and although the traditional approach is okay, you want some fun organ lessons online with more modern easy song snippets. Learn your craft with expertise from the beginning.

Level 2

Now try 3 more

You’ve begun to feel comfortable pn the organ with the unique Maestro approach and are ready to expand your solfege, keys and improv.

Level 3

4 note tunes

You’re still developing all the core organist skills, but you’re ready for some slightly more challenging tunes.

Level 4

5 note tunes

You are now playing organ often and when you do play, you groove along nicely. It’s time for some more extended, challenging repertoire and the chance to play some fuller songs with a greater variety in textures.

Level 5

Historical Organ Improvisation Methods

You are probably at music college, aspiring to it, or a music professional looking to be stretched in directions you could never find elsewhere. This is where The Maestro Online Celebrity Organ Masterclasses really shine.

It’s time to get that CRCO, ARCO, or FRCO diploma or AGO, Canadian Organ qualifications or Orgel Diplomas internationally. Solve those transposition and aural challenges, extemporise and shine!

Check out the Masterclasses – they are definitely for you!

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