Online Organ Lessons

Course Levels 3-4

Online Organ Lessons: Level 3

You’re now ready for some slightly more advanced online organ lessons. These online organ lessons include notes above and below “do”. There are not too many different pitches to manage within each key in these pieces for the organ, but there’s so much to learn and so much you can do with them in improvisations. We Will Rock You will surely start you rocking and get you ready to show off to your friends in an organ way never heard before!

3 - 4 notes using the relative solfege notes FMRD & DTLS

5 note tunes

3a. We Will Rock You

eye of the tiger

3b. Eye of the Tiger

Vindaloo Composer Alex James

3c. Vindaloo

5 note tunes

3d. Trumpet Tune

Online Organ Lessons: Level 4

You have now developed the skills and learned sufficient song snippets to be able to just sit down and play at the organ. That’s great! The Level 4 Online Organ Lessons include much more extended phrases, developing your musical memory. They have an increased range of chords and you will develop a range of textures on the organ.

The Largo Course is a FREE course that’s influenced by David Briggs! Yes, its an online organ lesson encouraging some orchestral transcription and careful registration!

Range of a 5th & 5 Note Tunes

5 note tunes

4a. Who Wants to Live For Ever

football melody

4b. Ole

4 note tunes

4c. Largo

tunes to improvise on

4d. Ode to Joy

tv theme tunes

4e. Friends

Jingle Bells Piano Chords

4f. Jingle Bells

movie themes

4g. My Heart Will Go On

rock n roll themes

4h. Love Me Tender

church themes

4i. Oh When the Saints