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The Maestro Online offers a creative, improvisation and musicianship curriculum that enhances individual, homeschool and classroom learning.

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The Maestro Online Music Lessons Library Offers

The finest pedagogy,

Develop your ear first.

Become your own artist (not a clone).

Then stretch further via high level celebrity masterclasses.

A creative & inspirational music education

Make music from the get-go

A growing library of over 150 music courses and masterclasses, a broad repertoire

Step-by-step Videos, clear tasks, learning objectives, certificates and league tables.

Celebrity music masterclass courses

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Creative Music Courses

The Maestro Online Music School cares about individuality and aspires to develop the leading musicians of tomorrow. This means that your musical performances will be as unique as they are beautiful. You yourself are a one of a kind and that will last a lifetime. There are over 150 music courses in the music course library and it is continually expanding. Evolve your musicianship NOW and start that individual growth.

  • Fluency from the get-go:

    Develop your ear first (ear-training or “aural”. Learn the fundamentals and improvise freely to mastery using famous song snippets.

  • Skills & individual expression:

    Not a “clone me” robotic template. Explore your strength to develop an individual expression of your creativity and improvise to gain a deeper understanding.


Supportive Teaching

We believe that investing in your musical development means investing in you. That’s why we aim to personalise and be bespoke, not an app or organisation with a “pay and forget” mentality. We actively care and truly wish to support.

  • Bespoke courses by request.

  • Zoom support.

  • Holistic concept.

  • Thorough Pedagogy (published by Routledge).

Whatever your musical learning challenge you will find support, whether it be melodies, harmony, triads, seventh chords, chord progressions, rhythm, melodies, notation, recitals, concert nerves, performance anxiety, improvising, composing, rehearsal, audition preparation and more.

Celebrity Music Masterclasses

Celebrity Music Masterclasses

We engage the finest musicians internationally to offer a quality of music education and experience that nobody could ever find in their local area, let alone their living room and at a truly affordable price. We create music courses that will have lifetime value for all of our learners, from beginners to advanced, young to adult learners.

  • Mastering music – Discover your genius with International Musicians who’ve worked with international names (see below).

Going to Continue as You Are? ✘

✘ Ongoing Music Course Disappointment? Not yet flourishing?

✘ Using an app, soared initially, then plateaued.

✘ Practising is a chore.

✘ You don’t quite have the ‘edge’.

✘ Everything is dry and theoretical.

✘ Mindless copying leads to robotic performances.

✘ Unsatisfying tutorial pieces not real songs, destroy motivation.

✘ The dots that you see don’t connect with a sound in your mind.

✘ Sight-singing exams and no enjoyable, successful step-by-step course.

✘ Pop Vocalist finding runs, improv and embellishments difficult to achieve.

✘ No creativity, sparkle, personal interpretation, improvisation or embellishment.

✘ No skills development, so insignificant final polish or ‘buzz’ to your performances.

✘ Taking a Music Diploma but no structured aural training and musicianship courses.

Vocal Coach Online

Or Pursue Your Finest Musical Expression and Freedom? 👍

You could be playing alongside massive musical stars if you join these music classes online – learn in your living room!

The time to do this is now!

Follow our Music Courses & become the finest individual, unique musician that you can be.

 “Just play” or “be brilliant”?

There’s a difference between “playing the notes” and “performing with finesse”.

Our renowned music instructors make the difference clear.

Don’t miss out! Study online with access to over 150 Expert Music Courses.

Learn with The Maestro Online and Celebrity Musicians in Your Living Room Today.

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