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Not having studied music at university, and working full time, preparing for the FRCO paperwork was daunting!

Robin prepared me for Paper II. His wonderful blend of expertise and enthusiasm saw me through – crucially, by working through examples with me, he taught me how to use skills in harmonic analysis (from paper I) and historical awareness to analyse the set works for myself. His feedback on draft essays, tips for choosing quotes, and aural training were also invaluable.

I warmly commend him to you.

— Dr James Carpenter FRCO

Robin Harrison was a pleasure to study with in preparation for my FRCO written papers. As well as providing invaluable academic insight into the set works, Dr Harrison helped me refine my exam technique and structure my essays to achieve top marks. Thank you Robin!

— Francois Cloete FRCO

Robin taught me for FRCO Paper 2. His knowledge and expertise are second to none, not only in relation to the set works (Brahms) and Historical Studies (France 1920-2000) but also with regard to the Style and Period question. He was extremely helpful in citing numerous online and other texts/resources to aid further research within the relevant areas of study. As I had not studied music formally for over 30 years, he was also able to help me refine and improve not only the content and succinctness of my essay writing, but also my analytical skills, particularly regarding the Brahms set works.

His friendly and good humoured approach in the online sessions made them fun and engaging, enabling the seemingly daunting syllabus requirements to become achievable and ultimately leading to my pass in the recent FRCO Paper 2 examination. I would highly recommend Robin to others looking to embark on a similar journey!”

Simon – FRCO student

On a personal note, can I sincerely compliment you as a teacher. You have the gift of being able quickly to recognise both what a student needs to know and how they can personally achieve it. I’ve come across so many over the years (and not just in music) who seem to classify themselves as tutors because they know a lot about the subject and can tell a student what they’ve done wrong. That may or may not always be sufficient.

FRCO student

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