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To take your piano exams, you will need simple equipment that you already have in your home.

Our online piano exams allow musicians around the world to take certified popular music exams with ease, anytime & anywhere. These exams are innovative, sustainable, affordable ways to deliver and promote pop music education to as many pianists as possible.

If taking the exam from your phone, please set chrome or other browser to “Desktop site”.

Did you know: you can record each song separately and upload over a period of 3 months?


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Simply watch this “How to” piano exams video!

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Pop Piano Grades: Your Next Step to Bragging Rights!

Are you ready to embark on a musical journey that transcends traditional piano exams? The Maestro Online, a pinnacle of music education, introduces a revolutionary approach to piano exams that goes beyond the ordinary. Our pop piano grades are meticulously crafted to bring out the best in every aspiring musician.

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  1. Innovative Curriculum: Our piano exams blend  technique with contemporary styles, offering a comprehensive musical experience that stands out.

  2. Expert Guidance: The Maestro Online Masterclasses boast a team of seasoned instructors dedicated to nurturing your musical talents. With seasoned guidance, you’ll be well-prepared to excel in your piano exams.

  3. Artistry Meets Technique: Elevate your performances with a curriculum that emphasises not just technical proficiency but also artistic expression. The Maestro Online’s approach ensures a well-rounded musician emerges from each piano exam.

  4. Success Stories: Join the ranks of our successful students who have aced their piano exams and made a mark in the music industry. Your success story starts with Maestro.

🎓 Preparing for Excellence: 

Your Path to Piano Exam Success

  1. Comprehensive Resources: Access a treasure trove of resources, including sheet music, practice guides, and exclusive tutorials to enhance your preparation for piano exams.

  2. Interactive Learning: Maestro’s online platform provides an interactive learning experience, making your piano exam preparation engaging and effective.

  3. Community Support: Connect with a community of passionate musicians, share insights, and seek advice to enhance your piano exam journey.

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Are you ready for a structured pop piano curriculum with fully accredited exams, globally recognised?

Our Ofqual regulated (UK & EU) piano exams act as a structured curriculum for the pop pianist.  They help you to continue to your next level of music education, develop a career in the music industry or even pursue a career in music teaching. They can be taken online anytime and anywhere.

  • Play the pop song piano pieces that you love,
  • Perform the way that you want, 
  • Gain an official qualification, playing piano in your own home,
  • Benefit from globally recognised UCAS points for University admissions.
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