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Creativity in Music Education Institutions

Any school or music teacher needs to engage an all-round, holistic strategy in order to develop the ‘whole individual’.  This applies to evolving musicians of all ages and stages and a holistic approach is very much at the core of NPME (the UK “National Plan for Music Education”) with the word “creative” being a specifically prominent ‘new’ word.

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Online Piano Lessons for Adults

Beginners’ piano lessons to celebrity masterclasses, learning & re-learning. Have you ever considered learning piano from a pop-rock perspective? How about from a guitar perspective? Here’s your opportunity!

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Christmas Song Chords

Start with Easy Christmas Songs on the Piano, add 2 chords, 3 chords, and then restylise so that you play YOUR version. Add walking bass, stride, blues notes, Greek Bazouki style and so much more!

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