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Question? “How do I sing songs exactly how I want to, with my personality?” 

Answer:  Seek a vocal coach who discovers your voice, helps you evolve your own style and allows you to be exactly who you are.

The Best Singers Aim High

An aspirational singer, a true artiste, does not want to “almost sound like Beyonce” or to simply copy youtube videos because they need to become an artist themselves.  The question is more how to connect the text with expression, how to sing runs and licks and stylise, how to connect your heart and soul, your passion so that your audience feel what you feel. Absolutely, seek a vocal coach.

So What Would the Best Online Vocal Coaches Teach Me?

Firstly, seek experts in the industry who have worked with A-lister celebrities such as Stormzy, Emeli Sande, Alexandra Burke and who themselves have been singers for royal and prestigious events.

This is all very well, but you cannot always find a vocal coach with that level of experience local to you, with availability and at an affordable price. The Maestro Online is delighted to have colaborated with just such an international vocal coach, Marsha B Morrison.

How are Marsha’s Online Vocal Courses Presented?

Marsha’s courses are a fusion of explanation text with detailed step-by-step tasks and videos.  A digital library of singing courses that:

·       Combine digital magazines with concise videos from Marsha herself

·       Notated scores of her vocal solos and runs,

·       Technical exercises that enhance breathing, tone and expression.

·       The Maestro Online also offers singers further Zoom support and over 100 courses in the library.

·      The Maestro Online also offers bespoke new singing courses for aspects of vocal technique, or songs that you would like to personally stylise.

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What Singing Technique do the Best Vocal Coaches Cover?

Marsha Morrison is renowned performer, conductor, arranger and one of the very best vocal coaches in the UK.  She has a huge range of styles in her vocal background that include pop, reggae and gospel.  She continually delivers workshops, as well as records, for theatres, TV, commercials, radio, tours, studio recordings and more.

Marsha’s vocal technique courses include much more than this list, but here’s a taster:

·       Accessing singers high notes.

·       Breath & core support.

·       Head voice, chest voice, the mix, twang.

·       The chest plate, resonance & the solar plexus.

·       Runs including neighbour notes, triple falls, blues inflexions and elaborate improvisations.

·       Blues and pentatonic colourings.

·       How to connect emotions and expression with vocal tone and performance.

·       How to sing the same song in different ways for different events.

How does a Vocal Coach help find my own Personality as a Singer?

Marsha’s approach is revolutionary for this.  She completely demystifies all of your previous ideas of what it means to be a singer and how you achieve your technique or what you think a singer should sound like.  She connects breath and emotion with vocal tone in an instant by helping you accept your natural voice and resonance and then using exercises to free that up. 

Who have our other Celebrity Course Musicians Worked With?

The range of names in our courses are stunning from Ella Henderson and Madonna to Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston to West Life, Stormzy, The Jacksons, Will Young, Robbie Williams, Celine Dione, Mel C, James Morrison, Lulu, All Saints.  This is a just a small sample of the celebrities connected.

Where Would you Find the Best Online Vocal Coach?

These pop musicians deliver.  You have probably already heard them during the week without realising. provides world class courses, the best online vocal coach lessons ever created for rock-pop-blues-gospel music.

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