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Are you ready to transform your piano practice sessions into a harmonious journey of growth and mastery? Look no further, we’re here to turn your “practising the piano” into an art form!.

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Why Our Approach to Practising is Revolutionary

🚀 Tailored Techniques for Piano Brilliance: Say goodbye to mundane drills! Our innovative methods make practising an exhilarating experience, blending technique with the thrill of musical exploration.

🤖 Smart Practice, Smart Progress: Unlock the secrets of efficient practising with our cutting-edge tools and personalized strategies. Your piano journey just got a genius upgrade!

🌟 Practice Piano with Purpose, Play with Passion: We believe that every keystroke should be purposeful. Our curriculum not only refines your skills but ignites a fire of passion in every note you play.

🎶We want pianists who love popular music to progress and achieve and be recognised by offering access to high quality and affordable music exams with international level supporting materials on our innovative online platform.

PIano Grades Pop Songs Improvisation
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Piano Exam Practice Toolkits

  • Rhythm backing tracks to help support your fluency, improvise in time.
  • Interactive step-by-step scale/key tracks for the relevant keys for each grade, helping you start with just one note per key, then 2 notes, “add it and nail it” without feeling overwhelmed.
  • Multi-style scale/key backing tracks in Pop, Soft Rock, Reggae and Funk to support your concept of key and improvisation.
  • Song style backing tracks in the style of a selection of songs on each grade syllabus to help develop your improvisation.
  • EXCLUSIVE Celebrity Improvisation lessons, tips, tracks, teaching techniques from World-Class Masterclass Tutors, including pianists who played on some of the original pop songs, interesting anecdotes, professional piano player insights, and session musician perspectives.

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🎹 The Maestro’s Guide to Perfect Practising Sessions

  1. Dynamic Warm-ups: Kickstart your sessions with engaging warm-ups that set the stage for a productive playtime.

  2. Targeted Skill Sessions: Say goodbye to aimless wandering on the keys! Our lessons focus on specific skills, ensuring you master each element of piano playing.

  3. Interactive Challenges: Elevate your skills through fun challenges that turn every practice session into an exciting adventure.

In order to really succeed in piano exams, we need to be unleashing pop piano practice sessions as playful piano adventures. Practising can seem boring, but NOT HERE! Here you will find a range of resources that will help you become the pop musician that you’ve always wanted to be. For those who want scores of songs, these can be purchased via the links in the syllabus. The links also allow those who learn by ear to hear the arrangements and the level required for this grade. There is no requirement to stick exactly to the scores at all. The toolkits are exactly what they say on the tin – tools to help you upskill in a fun way, yet full of pedagogy: practice piano fun!

Play Video about Piano Scales Step by Step

Learn Your Keys and Scales Step-by-Step.

Play Video about Rhythm Tracks for your Piano Groove

Rhythm Tracks to Help Find Your Piano Groove

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Song “Style” Backing Tracks

Play Video about Improv tips for the Pop Art improv

Masterclass Pro Tips: “Pop” Art of Improv on the Piano

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Self-Study Piano Courses & Masterclasses

There’s a wide range of supporting resources on The Maestro Online platform to help you learn and polish your performances.

🌐 Why “Practising the Piano” is our SEO Anthem:

  • 🎵 Mastering the Art of Practising the Piano: Elevate your piano prowess with techniques that go beyond the keys and into the soul of the music.
  • 🎓 Expert Tips for Practising the Piano: Uncover the secrets of seasoned pianists as we guide you through the most effective practising methods.
  • 🎹 Practising the Piano Made Fun: Because learning should be as enjoyable as playing, and practising is no exception!

Ready to revolutionize your piano practice routine? Dive into the world of purposeful play at The Maestro Online – Practising the Piano, where every keystroke is a step towards musical brilliance! 🌈🎹🌟

PIano grades Pop Songs

Over 100 Hours of Pop Piano Courses -

A Structured Curriculum

Discover a curated selection of online resources offering graded piano courses specifically designed for pop pianists:

  • Train your ear to improve your piano playing.

  • Develop the ability to play in any key.

  • Enhance your improvisation.

  • Create a range of textures with chords.

  • Gain points, meet targets & download certificates.

    League tables reward regular practice and attainment points for course progress.

    Universities, schools and colleges can track student activity & progress.


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Excerpts from the library of music masterclasses.

Piano Masterclasses

Polish & Enhance with World-Class Pop Pianists

Learn how to play pop songs on piano, how to develop your own style from those who have performed pop and rock piano at the very top of the international music scene.  

Our Piano Masterclasses include many different styles.


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