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Start learning the guitar today with the best online guitar lessons. 

With a variety of courses focusing on essential techniques such as improvisation, ear-training, and theory, and embedded video demonstrations, you can be confident that your musical skills are in good hands.  

Become a self-assured guitarist and explore your own musical creativity with the best guitar lessons online.

Now including new technology – editable interactive scores with innovative tasks. You can edit the tempo and even the notes yourself as well as printing off as you need.

Even – interactive ear training (solfège)!  Lots of professional techniques to make you sound more than a beginner including palm mutes, techniques to help you improvise solos, hammer-ons, hybrid picking, pull-offs, hybrid picking, barre chords, power chords and much more.

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4 Exceptional Components to These Guitar Courses Online

Musicianship Skills

Ear Training, start with sound & the ear, gain fluency from the get-go.

Famous Songs, perform famous song snippets in many keys.

Chord Progressions in a range of styles.

Improvise, Harmonise, Personalise & Stylise.


Unique: don’t be a clone of other guitarists, learn how to develop your own style.

Technique & Theory Integrated to ‘give you that edge’.

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Professional musicians, performers… Learn with a Pro, Mr Andrew Sparham: aim high!

Online Support

Bespoke guitar courses at your request.

Gain consulting support through zoom.

Regular 1-1 Lessons are also available through Zoom with Andrew Sparham himself.

Bonus Benefits

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The Andrew Sparham Online Guitar Lessons

The Guitar Courses Content, Theory and Guitar Technique

1. You Really Got Me (The Kinks)

When playing in a band, keyboard players frequently “lock into” the guitar/drum parts. More importantly, guitarists tend to “think differently” and learn songs with a different perspective. These courses will really help you see music from a different perspective and very much free up your improvisation.


Posture and position.

2 note riffs

1 note improv.

2 note improv.

3 position improv.


Pentatonic improv.

Natural minor improv.


Power chord improv.

Power chords.

Further Scales & Articulation Detail

Pentatonic and Natural Minor Scales.

RH palm mutes on and off.

2. Knock on Wood
(Eddie Floyd)

Now including new technology – editable interactive scores with innovative tasks. You can edit the tempo and even the notes yourself as well as printing off as you need.

Even – interactive ear training (solfège)!



2. 1 Note Improv – Improv 1


3. The Barre Shape

4 .Positions: Same Shape, Slide Along, Improv. 2

5. Open E Chord Improv 3

6. Shape Mixers (Guitar): An Open Power Barre! Improv 4

6b. Shape Mixers (Keys): An Open Power Barre! Improv 4

The Song Riff

7. Ear Training

8. The Riff

Adding The Polish

9. Piano & Organ Scores

10 .Ring Down, Shhhh!, Ring Up

The Verse

11.A7, Ad Libs and Barre Slides Improv 5 on A7 and A7 slide.

Adding More Polish

12.Verse Riff Top Tips

13.Knowledge: A Major Scale & Improv 6

3. Stand By Me
(Ben E King)


Position Shifting (Guitar & Keys)

1-Note & 1 Chord Improv


Ear Training: Pentatonic Scale & Major Scale below Do

Pentatonic Scale

Major Scale


Pentatonic Lick

The Bass Riff





RH Grabs

RH Palm Mute



Barre Chords: A, D, E Majors & F#m

7th Chords: A Major 7, F#m7, D Major 7 , E Dom 7 & Ad Libs

Keys: Root Position & 2nd Inversion RH Shapes


Make it Your Own: At all levels, in all ways

4. Vultures
(John Mayer)


Articulation (Guitar RH): Hammer on, Fingerpicking, Hybrid Picking

Practice Techniques

Step by Step Method (adding notes one by one)

Accel Method (repeating with a steadily increasing drum loop).

Transposition (particularly aimed at keys players).


An Andrew Sparham Lick

The Vultures Lick


Ear Training:   Pentatonic Major & Minor Scales

Ear Training: Major Scale & Natural Minor Scale

4 Scale Siblings  Pent Maj/min, Maj Scale, Natural minor.

Modes:  Starting scales on different degrees

Improvisation Practice Strategies


Link to Drum Groove

Pitch Anchors (modal scales)

Crotchet, quaver, semiquaver licks

One Chord Method

Improv over Original

Improv over Drum Track, Bass Riff, Backing Track

5. Whole Lotta Love
(Led Zeppelin)

Introducing Palm Mutes

Whole Lotta Love Lick

Introducing Power Chords

Whole Lotta Love Power Chords

Introducing Em Blues


Whole Lotta Love Guitar Part 7: Backing Track

Whole Lotta Love Guitar: Conclusion

6. Smoke on the Water
(Deep Purple)

Smoke on the Water Part 1: The Lick With 1 String

Smoke on the Water Part 2: Re-Introducing Power Chords

Smoke on the Water Part 3: The Lick with Power Chords

Smoke on the Water Part 4: G Minor Blues

Smoke on the Water Part 5: Improv

Smoke on the Water: Conclusion

Stevie Wonder Grade 8 Piano Exam

7. Superstition
(Stevie Wonder)

Superstition Part 1: Turning Your Guitar to Eb

Superstition Part 2: Palm v Accepted Notes in Eb

Superstition Part 3: Hammer Ons and Pull Offs

Superstition Part 4: The Lick

Superstition Part 5: Dominant 7th Barre Chords

Superstition Part 6: Chord Prog

Superstition Part 7: Ebm Pentatonic

Superstition Part 8: Improv

Superstition: Conclusion

8. Get Down Saturday Night
(Oliver Cheatham)

Get Down Saturday Night Part 1: Standard Picking and Dead Notes

Get Down Saturday Night Part 2a: 3 Note Lick Ear Training

Get Down Saturday Night Part 2b: 3 Note Lick on 1 String

Get Down Saturday Night Part 3: 3 Note Lick on 1 String

Get Down Saturday Night Part 4: Hybrid or Hyper Picking

Get Down Saturday Night Part 5: Chords

Get Down Saturday Night Part 6: Improv

Get Down Saturday Night Part 7: Backing Track

Get Down Saturday Night: Conclusion

9. Are You Gonna Go My Way?
(Lennie Kravitz)


Hammer-ons and Pull-offs

The 4 Note Lick


E Minor Pentatonic



10. Whole Lotta Rosie

Whole Lotta Rosie Part 1: Revisit Hammer-ons & Pull-offs

Whole Lotta Rosie Part 2: Revisit Palm Mutes

Whole Lotta Rosie Part 3a: 3 Note Lick Ear Training

Whole Lotta Rosie Part 3b: 3 Note Lick on 1 String

Whole Lotta Rosie Part 4: Chords

Whole Lotta Rosie Part 5: Verse Riff With Palm Mutes &; Legato

Whole Lotta Rosie Part 6: A Min Blues

Whole Lotta Rosie Part 7: Improvisation

Whole Lotta Rosie: Conclusion

Stevie Wonder Grade 8 Piano Exam

11. Purple Haze
(Jimi Hendrix)

Purple Haze Part 1: Revisit Bending Notes

Purple Haze Part 2: Revisit Hammer-ons and Pull-offs

Purple Haze Part 3: Slides

Purple Haze Part 4: Extended Lick

Purple Haze Part 5: Chords

Purple Haze Part 6: Revisit E Minor Pentatonic

Purple Haze Part 7: Improvisation

Purple Haze Part 8: Backing Track

Purple Haze: Conclusion


Andrew Sparham

Professional Guitarist & Guitar Teacher

Andrew Sparham is a full time music teacher, experienced touring musician composer/producer based in the North East of England. Andrew is a profoundly passionate, dedicated and enthusiastic musician who constantly pushes himself creatively by exploring new concepts to expand his overall technical/theoretical knowledge and practical capabilities, to which he can then apply into his own teaching and creative practice.

Andrew has been playing guitar for approximately 13 years performing in a variety of bands ranging from genres such as Funk, Fusion, Neo-Soul, Rock, Progressive Metal, etc. Andrew has been self-producing and composing his own music for 5 years and has developed a strong understanding of using production/sequencing techniques within his practice. He specialises in writing Instrumental Progressive Rock/Metal in his 3-piece band “ EUNOIA”. Founded in 2018, EUNOIA aim to write music with no limitations of being musically creative, involving the use of elements such as mind bending rhythmical riffs, odd time signatures, flashy lead guitars with complex melodic phrasing and ethereal ambient textures. EUNOIA take inspiration from the likes of Plini, INTERVALS, Jakub Zytecki and David Maxim Micic and they have also been praised by professional vocalist Dan Tompkins of the modern Progressive Metal band “TesseracT” who have recently toured with Dream Theater in Spring 2022.

Andrew is also a member within the five-piece vocal fronted heavy metal band “Negatives”. Founded in the summer of 2018, Negatives have endured several geographical, financial and lineup obstacles since its inception but has remained laser-focused on delivering raw, aggressive, atmospheric metal resulting in the release of their eponymous debut single(s) “Kin / The Noble Rot” on October 31st 2020. 
Negatives strives to provide an atmosphere for the audience which includes their cinema-inspired image, a technical yet emotionally potent style of metal as well as an energetic and chaotic live performance. Their appearance in the local metal scene has caused an uproar and they have made quite the reputation. Each single they have released so far have received radio plays on BBC Introducing North East. Their latest single “Threads” is due to be played on the BBC Radio 1 rock show with Dan Carter.

Lastly, Andrew is currently a touring working musician in the official Mumford & Sons tribute band named “Chasing Mumford”. His role within this band is to play guitar, banjo and to provide backing vocals. This job has provided him with the industry experience of performing in large venue/festival capacities and working in multiple professional live music environments with a variety of different entertainment agencies.

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