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Enable your students

They will gain complete musicianship and expressive freedom through their voice or instrument, skills-based excellence.

  • Start with the ear, improvise, understand in-depth, achieve creative excellence.
  • Full Learning Management System in place: objectives, assessments, certificates, monitoring and gamification.
  • International quality, exceptional value, perfect convenience.

Who Might Benefit?

  • Upper primary with access to keyboards or guitars.

  • Lower secondary/High School for keyboard activities that develop full understanding, musicianship and creative improvisation skills including understanding intervals, chords and keys.

  • GCSE & BTEC students for developing core skills in terms of ear training, understanding chords and composition.

  • A Level and beyond utilising the masterclasses for advanced comprehension of fugue, harmony, ii-V-I progressions, pop piano, improvisation, ear training skills etc.

  • Homeschool perfect for self-study with automated certificates.

  • Universities, Conservatoires, Music Colleges, Diplomas – advanced students via the masterclasses.  Solfège and sight-singing courses for choral scholars.  Aural, harmony, transposition, composition plus more for diplomas and undergraduate assignments.

  • Peripatetic – as an addition to 1-1 lessons allowing students to explore additional creative activities.

  • Summer Holidays – Children who need activities to keep them engaged during the summer holidays when they are not receiving their 1-1 lessons.

In the future they will: 

  • progress more rapidly & undertake other tasks with greater ease,
  • have a deeper understanding than via traditional teaching,
  • compose and improvise freely.

Online Music Courses for Schools, Colleges and Universities

Raise Your Students’ Game

The Maestro Online courses ensure that no 2 learners ever end a course sounding the same. 

They incorporate listening, ear training, performing, improvising and composing in such a way that learners gain immense musicianship in a practical, creative, skills-based way.  

The courses are very much influenced by the Kodaly philosophy, yet they use more modern material, such as hooks from significant pop-rock songs, as well as some wonderful classical tunes.  

Users do not have to be confident note readers to thrive in these courses, but notation is available for those who prefer the visual route.  The piano and guitar courses are perfect for upper primary and lower secondary.  

The celebrity masterclasses extend students at GCSE, A Level, undergraduate and beyond in improvisation and composition by studying structured courses with multiple short tasks with musicians of international standing including the composer Will Todd, keyboard players to Madonna, The Jacksons etc, vocalists with incredible credits, performance anxiety training and much more.  

Creative Ofqual accredited digital grades will also be launched in the Autumn of 2023.  There is zoom support for staff and all schools can request courses to further support their curriculum.  Learners can also access the courses from home via any device and teachers can monitor their progress through a Learning Management System.

Enhance Performance Standards and Deepen Relationships with Music

Wondering how to raise the game for your students? How to gain that extra edge beyond where they’re at and how to supplement their existing in-person lessons? How to keep online independent learning going? The Maestro Online has the digital learning resources to achieve exactly that, making your learners’ performances and understanding more musical every day. Collaborate and request bespoke digital magazines to your specification with embedded teaching videos designed for your students’ skills development through improvisation, aural, theory, sight-reading, sight-singing requirements at minimal, or even zero cost, depending on the options selected.

The Maestro Online Music Courses Evolution

Dr Robin Harrison has been teaching using a Kodaly-inspired method for 15 years.

In 2021, part of Robin’s ‘start with the ear’ philosophy was published by Routledge in their publication, The Routledge Companion to Aural Skills Pedgagogy: Before, In, and Beyond Higher Education, following his presentation at the first ever International Aural Training Symposium at the Royal Academy of Music.

Robin’s teaching method has achieved success with individuals of all ages and levels – from prep school, right through to university. His method has been used whilst Manager of Performing Arts in Cairo, Director of Music at Barnard Castle School and Yarm Prep Schools, for adult students and specialist webinars for all levels of the Royal College of Organists’ diplomas. Most significantly, he further developed the method for vocal and instrumental work, connecting it with rock, pop and classical improvisational techniques for all levels, from beginner to professional.

Modern Online Music Courses

The Maestro Online includes ‘sound-first’ inspired courses that utilise solfege alongside more modern melodic snippets – from We Will Rock You to Dua Lipa – and classical material ranging from Beethoven to Faure, Monteverdi to modern.

Pop Piano Course

The courses aim to develop holistic musicianship at any stage in a musicians’ education, whether they are a complete beginner, diploma-level musician or a professional.

The courses are digital ‘magazines’ that you read and on each page there’s a teaching video explaining everything – we pursue each musical activity together, it’s an adventure! For advanced musicians, these courses develop improvisation, harmony (vocal and keyboard), the ‘inner ear’ and musicianship like never before. For schools, courses meet many areas addressed in the National Plan for Music Education.

Advanced courses enhance A Level, diploma, aural, composition, harmonisation and improvisation. There are also guest celebrity masterclass courses to stretch the most able students.

Pop Piano Exams

Pop Song Piano Exams

Pop Piano Exams That Encourage Individuality 

  • Do you have students who don’t want to follow notation?  
  • Or they half follow it, but want to play it their way?
  • What about students who play by ear or learn from youtube?  
  • Perhaps they play classical music and would benefit from additional UCAS points?

Let them play the pieces they want to, how they want to.

We have the first, in the world, accredited grade pop piano exams that allow you the choice of using/not using notation and that encourage students to play pieces the way they want: add stylisation, improvise, and most of all HAVE FUN!
Accredited by OfQual (UK Government) and European bodies.  

Online Music Course Partnerships with Colleges and Universities

The Offering

(1) Workshops and INSET sessions for staff and/or students with materials and teaching techniques alongside an understanding of progression.

(2) Bespoke courses for your institution that focus on ear training, vocals, piano and organ. Developing the ear, improvisation, counterpoint, harmony, runs/licks, technique, advanced aural skills, reading and sight-reading/sight-singing.

(3) The opportunity to go vastly beyond notes and rhythm – develop students that can compete in the real-world arena because their core musicianship skills have been trained. They are artists.

(4) Advanced aural training with thorough pedagogy and step-by-step progression.

(5) Involve The Maestro Online in webinars and assessment: a time-saving, cost efficient method with excellence.

Please note that the website and teaching are not simply “pay and play” like an app or business – email/zoom/phone support and collaboration it there all the time. This is very much a personal service.

Discussions are in progress with an online exam board to accredit the courses with OfQual recognised grades subject to 100 student exam entries per year.

Online Music Course Partnerships with Schools

The Maestro Online works with schools in the ways that they wish at an affordable rate. Resources produced support staff and pupil learning and give staff the confidence to deliver music in a fantastic, fun, interactive way that could also be used in concerts and events to showcase how great their children are!

The Offering

(1) Workshops and INSET sessions for staff and/or students with materials and teaching techniques alongside an understanding of progression.

(2) Digital Library courses for children that can be used vocally, chorally, with keyboards, glockenspiels, xylophones and more besides. Scheme of work skeletons to support.

(3) Courses for yourselves as teachers – log into the library, follow and learn each week and then apply in your own classes. Schemes of work skeletons to support.

(4) If you have children having one-to-one lessons already for instruments or singing, existing library courses are the perfect supplement to enhance musicianship.

Please note that my website and teaching are not simply “pay and play” like an app or business – you have a person with email/zoom/phone support and collaboration all the time. This is very much a personal service.

Discussions are in progress with an online exam board to accredit the courses with OfQual recognised grades subject to 100 student exam entries per year.

Educational Costs

Primary Schools & SEN Specialist schools 

£1 per pupil on roll per year for all Maestro Online modules.

Secondary Schools

£200 per year for all Maestro Online modules and email support.

£250 per year including masterclasses and email support.


From £250 per year including Masterclasses and Zoom support.

Music Teachers & Small Music Schools

Please contact us regarding referring your students.

Countries with Lower Economic Wealth

Please get in touch to discuss The Maestro Online global outreach.

Learning Management System

Included in all prices is access to the Learning Management System to monitor the progress of students.

  • All courses are accessible on all devices and students can use phones at home as well.  Learning can continue outside of the classroom.
  • All institutions receive personal support.
  • All institutions can also request new courses and areas to meet their students’ needs.