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1-1 Music Lessons in Person & Online

The Maestro Online offers 1-1 lessons via Zoom and in person for piano, organ, singing, aural, homeschoolers, diploma exams, undergraduates, postgraduates and theory.

Music lessons online and in person

Piano Lesson Pedagogy

Rock Pop Piano Lessons, Classical Piano Lessons, Jazz Piano Lessons and piano improvisation lessons (from Renaissance, through classical partimenti, to rock-pop) bespoke to your learning style. These musical piano lessons fuse different skills with a “Sound to Symbol” methodology: First, learn to play (“doing”). Second, reveal the theory previously assimilated subconsciously (understanding). Develop a depth of musicianship not found in other teaching methodologies. Certification is available for courses.

Piano Courses Online
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Singing Lessons & Vocal Coach

Bespoke singing lessons and vocal coach for Pop Vocalists, Classical Singers and Musical Theatre Singers. A down-to-earth approach, enabling you to master seemingly quite complex issues. Singing teaching technique rapidly leads to knowing ‘what it should feel like’ when you get it right. Vocal range or vocal tessitura, tone, ability and a more varied vocal colour expand rapidly. Three former singing pupils have released singles this year alone. Harmony, technique stylisation and improvisation are important in all styles of singing lessons.


Organ Lessons

For pupils of all ages from beginner organists through to Fellowship diploma organ students. An academy organ teacher for the Royal College of Organists (RCO), annual summer school organ teacher, masterclass deliverer, improviser, diploma paperwork examiner and aural trainer.

Organ Courses Online

Aural Lessons, Musicianship Lessons Solfege & Kodaly

Musicianship and aural teaching is Kodaly inspired. Solfege is used extensively via workshops for schools, diploma students, private pupils and the Royal College of Organists aural training. Advanced aural training lessons are effective through higher diploma levels. Kodaly derived methodology enhances the ‘inner ear’ and sight-singing. Robin has a chapter published in the Routledge Companion to Aural Skills Pedagogy: Before, In, and Beyond Higher Education. (Routledge, March 19, 2021).


Homeschool Music Lessons

Learn with a former Director of Music leading departments that have successfully taken young people from the age of 4-18 to become professional musicians. No pre-defined courses. Everything designed specifically according to your needs and your young person.

Holistic music lessons

Holistic Music Lessons

What does this mean? Let’s discover more, including caring for the individual and covering all aspects of Music.


Music Diploma Tuition

This is the place for advanced tuition from this former diploma examiner. Robin is regularly 1-1 teaching around 10 diploma candidates per week.

music lessons for adults

Theory, Paperwork, Composition & Analysis Lessons

Advanced music students academic skills (music theory, composition and musical analysis) are developed with understanding through practical activities; make them come to life off the page through improvisation and performance, then through notation. Robin holds a Fellowship diploma in composition. He has taught undergraduates at the Royal Northern College of Music and marked diploma examinations for the Royal College of Organists. GCSE and A Level coaching also available, particularly for home-school students.

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