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What to expect from the Maestro Online

What to expect from the Maestro Online Piano Lessons

These piano lessons offer a creative, improvisation and musicianship curriculum that enhance classroom, university and individual learning.

Ear, start with sound & the ear, gain fluency from the get-go.

Keys, perform famous song snippets in many keys.

Chord progressions in a range of styles.

Improvise, Harmonise, Personalise & Stylise.

Read & sight-read - unique method enhances musicianship.

Level 1

Start with just 3 notes
Do Re Mi

As a beginner you need easy piano songs. You don’t want to play Mary Had a Little Lamb for ever and whilst Frere Jacques is the first song here, The Maestro Online easy piano songs are far more engaging! You’re definitely excited to give it a go. You will learn your craft with expertise from the beginning.

These easy piano songs contain only 3 different notes. As you will learn, this bespoke methodology will have you doing so many things with such few notes that you will significantly develop as a musician from the first lesson.

Frere Jacques

(John Lennon)

Pretty Woman
(Roy Orbison)

Level 2

Now try 3 more
Do Ti La So

At level 2, you understand solfege and you are using more pitches, chords, keys and improvising. By adding notes below “Do” you have a much greater melodic vocabulary. These easy piano songs will have you playing in your style already. Easy piano songs give you the freedom to experiment, to be creative and to create your own cover versions already.

Easy piano songs also give you the opportunity to learn The Maestro Online method and become used to this unique style of teaching. Please note that as a library member you are entitled to request bespoke courses. Can you think of another easy piano song that should be in the library? You can also request a short zoom call if you need support. This is not an app, this is a personal service!

It's a Kind Of Magic

James Bond


Level 3

4 note tunes

You’re now ready for some slightly more advanced songs to play on piano. These piano songs include notes above and below “do”. Don’t be fooled, their might not be a large range of pitches in these songs to play on piano, but there’s so much to learn and so much you can do with them in improvisations. We Will Rock You will surely start you rocking and get you ready to show off to your friends!

We Will Rock You (Queen)


Trumpet Tune
(Jeremiah Clarke)

Eye of the Tiger

Level 4

4 note tunes

You are have enough songs to play on the piano that you can simply sit down and play – no notes printed, just play.

The Level 4 Songs to Play on Piano included much more extended phrases, developing your musical memory. They have an increased range of chords and you will develop a range of textures.

My Heart Will Go On is one of my favourite courses for rippling piano textures and arpeggios.

4a Ole

4b Largo

I Wanna Dance

Stop Crying (Oasis)

Shotgun (George Ezra)

Level 5

5 note pentatonic tunes

Explore a wider range of chord progressions and left hand styles.

You Really Got Me
(The Kinks)

Walking On Sunshine
(Katrina & the Waves)

(Village People)

Auld Lang Syne


Waka Waka

See You Again
(Wiz Khalifa)

Level 6

5 note major scale tunes DRMFS

Simply using 5 notes, extending your harmonic vocabulary and accompaniment styles.

Who Wants to (Queen)

Ode to Joy

(TV Show)

Jingle Bells

When The Saints (Trad)

Level 7

Crossing above & below Do SLTDRM

Extend to more complex melodies that move above and below Do.

My Heart Will Go On

Love Me Tender
(Elvis Presley)

Level 8

Extended courses & restylisations

Your online piano lessons are allowing you complete freedom in style, texture, and key. You are playing by ear, you are developing your own bass lines, creating cover versions and improvisations. You’re ready for online piano lessons with fuller songs, proper technical work outs and you really believe in what you are doing. Smaller gigs and parties are what you would like next.

These online piano lessons include restylisations (Marry You by Bruno Mars is presented as a Bossa Nova), different types of scales (such as blues, pentatonic, natural minor), licks, games, embellishments and much more.

Rockin All Over (Status Quo)

Can't Stop

(Justin Bieber)

Marry You (Bruno Mars)

Lost Boy
(Ruth B)

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