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Organ Improvisation Lessons

Scrap the dots, Organ Improvisation Lessons to make you go Pazzazz!


Organ improvisation lessons in the Organ Course Library include popular material, orchestral transcriptions, Renaissance courses and Classical Partimenti based improvisation courses.

Where shall we begin?

Messing around with younger pupils in a jazzy way!

We Will Rock You from the Organ Improvisation Course Library

Beginner Organ Improvisation

Are new to organ improvisation and lacking confidence?

You may even be an advanced organist who is less confident without the dots in front of them, this is the place to start.

Reassuring, holistic, supportive, structured organ improvisation lessons that progress in logical steps.

Advanced Organ Improvisation

Can you play organist’s chord progressions but your playing sounds like a sound wall of waffle?

Let’s learn some patterns and how to change those chords into a more interesting texture.

Would like to try organ extemporisation for weekly use, CRCO or ARCO examinations?

Do you need more advanced organ improvisation for an FRCO?

Perhaps you would like to improvise on the organ with a particular era or style in mind.

Organ Improvisation Courses in the Library

Do you want an organ improvisation course that you can follow at your own pace with text and video tutorials?

Subscribe to the organ course library for a low monthly fee and have access to absolutely every course in there.