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Christmas Song Chords

Easy Christmas Piano Songs

Many websites and youtube channels offer “Easy Christmas Piano Songs”. Indeed, many are easy and so many beginners tackle “Jingle Bells”. The Maestro Online Christmas Piano Courses work at all levels. You might start simply by playing the melody of your Christmas Song if that is where you are at.

Christmas Song Chords Piano

Now, if you want to have more fun, you start by playing the chords. This is the first step to stylising. By “stylising” I am suggesting that you make your own version of the Christmas Song that reflects YOUR personality and taste.

Christmas Piano Music

Christmas Song Chords, 2 Chords

Winter Wonderland is a perfect starting point for this – you only need two chords for the verse, the tonic and dominant (chords I and V). If you don’t understand these terms then imagine you are in C Major. C Major would be chord I. Count up 5 steps (C-D-E-F-G), G Major is Chord V. What you do with the chords in the LH discerns the style.

Christmas Song 3 Chords

Jingle Bells is a classic Christmas Song that works really well with 3 chords. In fact, so do most songs. Silent Night and Away in a Manger are equally effective.

So, you’ve learned your melody and piano chords. What next?

Christmas Song Chords: Piano Restylisation

You have so many options. The Maestro Online Christmas Song Chords Courses show you ways to ‘jazz up’ your Christmas songs. You don’t copy like a clone, you develop the chords in your way to make your own style. What do I mean?

(a) 7th Chords and Blues Notes.

(b) Greek Bazouki style (very popular in our Silent Night Christmas Piano Course!).

(c) Changing the time signature, eg from 3/4 to 4/4 (a popular aspect in our Away in a Manger Piano Christmas Piano Course).

(d) Adding “ii-V-I” progressions and different keys (changing the chords from the originals, known as “reharmonisation”). These are hugely explored in our Silent Night Christmas Piano Course.

(e) Using arpeggios.

(f) Developing a walking bass (see our Winterland Christmas Piano Course.

(g) Trying stride piano (LH alternating bass-chord with big leaps between the bass and chord).

(h) Alberti bass (playing the bottom-top-middle-top notes of the chords in that order).

(i) Using inversions (same piano chord notes, just a different order, eg CEG becomes EGC).

(j) Boogie Woogie bass (see our Jingle Bells Christmas Piano Course.

(k) Pentatonic runs, licks and riffs.

Christmas Piano 3 Chords

Piano Lessons Online with a Unique Difference

Combining many of these techniques leads to a truly unique interpretation – often, a diploma level improvisation. You will sound awesome on the piano because people will hear your fun, personal style, interpretation and character. You won’t sound “nearly like…..”, but rather, “you will sound like you”!

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