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7 Reasons to Take a Residential Music Course for Adults

Residential music course for adults

If you’re looking to deepen your musical experience and knowledge, this piano and keyboard improvisation residential music course for adults may be the perfect choice. You are guaranteed to enjoy an unparalleled musical experience.

Pop Piano & Keys Residential, From Chart Hits to Improvisation

1. Learn From an Experienced Professional.

Dr Robin Harrison FRSA is your friendly, down-to-earth professional music teacher. Having taught piano for over 30 years, been a Director of Music internationally, taught at the Royal Northern College of Music Conservatoire, released 3 piano improvisation albums, reached no. 1 in the UK and 33 in global charts for improvising on pop songs, and with a teaching methodology published by Routledge… What more could you want?!

2. Receive One-on-One Piano Instruction.

One of the biggest advantages of this residential music course for adults is the one-on-one instruction and the opportunity to develop a real student-teacher relationship. With this type of course, you will have plenty of time to settle and calm those nerves, to ask all the questions you may have, and to receive ongoing, detailed, unrushed feedback on your skills and techniques. This level of personal attention is not possible in a 30 minute or 1 hour lesson, making it an invaluable learning opportunity to get the most out of your musical education.

3. Develop Life-Long Friendships and Connections in the Music Industry.

This residential music course for adults will allow you the opportunity to connect with other like-minded individuals who share your passion for music and piano. Through these musical connections and friendships, you can create lasting relationships that can have significant benefits both during and after your music course has ended. Additionally, making these types of connections often opens up new opportunities in the musical development that may not be available elsewhere.

4. Experience All Aspects of Musical Performance, Not Just Technique and Theory.

With a residential music course for adults, you can gain more than just technique and music theory. You’ll have the chance to explore all aspects of musical performance and also get to develop your own artistic style in an immersive, supportive environment. This means that you’ll grow as both a performer and as a listener, allowing you to not only understand music better but also improve your musical expression.

5. Tailored Pop Piano Teaching

A wonderful advantage to this course is the fact that I will be tailoring it towards individuals. Prior to the weekend, I’ll be asking you what your favourite songs are that you’d like to play on your keyboard/piano, who your favourite artists are, what level of piano experience you have and so forth. The aim is to create a piano residential course specifically to those who book.

Higham Hall Residential Music Courses, Cumbria, Lake District, England, UK

6. The Residential Venue

Oh my goodness, how fantastic is this place? Higham Hall is a picturesque Grade 2 Listed building in the English Lake District, in Cumbria. Take a look!

7. Ongoing Musical Learning

This residential will be the beginning of an even greater musical learning journey. Robin will be available in the future for a Zoom coffee and is always teaching piano online for those that wish to extend the experience.

Not free that weekend, but interested in self-study keyboard and piano improvisation courses? Try The Maestro Online Piano Courses Library and the Celebrity Piano Masterclasses!

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