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Are the best online piano lessons for beginners aimed at kids?

Learn to Play Piano Online – You’ve Always Wanted to, Just haven’t Got Round to It Yet!

Which Piano Course for Beginners is for Me?

The idea that you are ever too old to learn to play the piano is totally untrue.  Also, the idea that you have to slavishly follow a tutorial book with elementary tunes from a shop is completely wrong.  There is no reason why adult piano lessons can’t include pop tunes in the first lesson.

Why do you want to play the piano as a beginner? 

·       You like the sound of it,

·       You want to play songs that you know,

·       You want to just ‘sit and play’ from the get-go for relaxation.

Why learn to Play Piano Online?

That’s a great question and there are tremendous advantages.  The obvious ones are:

·       practical in that you can learn whenever you want,

·       you can review a lessons and re-play it multiple times,

·       you can find courses and songs that you enjoy most,

·       and it’s more financially affordable.

However, the best piano course for beginners is not simply “off-the-shelf”; it goes beyond youtube and an app because:

·       You can request zoom support when you need it.

·       You can ask for bespoke courses specifically related to songs/areas that interest you.

Don’t settle for a “pay and forget” or simply “copy me” approach, find something far better.

Pop Piano, Classical Piano or Jazz Piano?

Well, why even choose?!  The point is that there are many great pieces in many different styles.  The best way is to develop both the technique and musical understanding so that you can approach any piece that you want.  You need:

·       To develop your ear first (relative solfege is my preferred approach).

·       Connect what you hear in your mind with your fingers.

·       Develop some independence of the fingers and some finger dexterity.

·       Create a relaxed, free technique.

·       Be able to understand chord symbols and chord names for pop-rock.

·       Be able to work out some staff notation for classical.

Here’s a simple example that fuses all elements:

The Beginner Piano Learning Mindset

What adults have often forgotten, is that learning is a process and that making mistakes is part of that.  A good piano course for beginners will allow you to feel progress and success from the get-go, but never forget that toddlers fall over many times before they walk fluently!

Mistakes are part of the journey!

Piano Lesson for Beginners Pedagogy

Creativity is a really important element of piano lessons.  The connection with what you hear in your head (the “inner ear” often taught by Kodaly practitioners), is really important.  So is imagination in terms of improvisation.  Take a melody, or scale, or chord that you are learning.  What more can you do with it?  What makes it “sound cool”?  What ideas do you have? 

The best online piano lessons for beginners are not simply “copy me” or “become a clone”, they are creative and inspirational.

For ideas of a more creative piano course for beginners that later extends to celebrity masterclasses (from musicians who play with A-list celebrities), then take a look at:

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