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Organists' Lessons Level 5 Jedi

Advanced Improvisation and Diploma Skills

Level 5 Jedi Organists Lessons

You are probably at music college, aspiring to it, or a music professional looking to be stretched in directions you could never find elsewhere. This is where The Maestro Online Jedi level Organists’ Lessons really shine.

Now you are really looking to embellish and decorate your melodies freely. Each time you play it flows from your soul and becomes an instant cover version. You’re thirsting to develop your own style.

Organ Lessons Online: Historical improvisation

1 Renaissance Inspired: 1 and 2 Chord Improv

Featuring a Reveille, Monteverdi and Textural explorations

2 Renaissance Inspired: Gm D Pendulum

The second pendulum explored with a little taste of Baroque, Classical, Romantic and Tango!

3 Passamezzo Antico – The Complete Progression

Combining the skills from Magazines 1 and 2 we create a full Passamezzo Antico

Structured Organists’ Improvisation Courses

Now you can improivse full voluntaries better than any cathedral organist! Widor, here we come!

These courses are based on Classical Partimenti.

I Dunno What’s Gonna Happen (Classical Improvisation Lessons)!

1 Journey Hand in Hand – Parallel 3rds

Travel through a range of keys, explore upper neighbour notes, lower neighbour notes, turns and scales. Real world examples from Bach, Beethoven, Handel and Mozart. Improvise away!

2 Journey Hand in Hand – Parallel 6ths

Starting with parallel 6ths, explore decorations, keys, scales, suspensions, modulations. Move on to 1st inversions, suspensions, modulations, real world examples and structured template improvisations in the style of famous composers.

3 Aarghh! Which Keys? Homophonic Transposition

Transposition as never taught before! Integrating keyboard harmony and improvisation

Perfect for ABRSM, RCO (CRCO, ARCO) , and AGO (SPC CAGA, AAGO, FAGO) examinations.

4. 9 Ways to Harmonise a Scale

Play a scale in the left hand. What could you create over the top?

  1. Examples from genius famous composers.

  2. Structured mini-improv exercises in the style of the genii.

  3. Percussion tracks that help you create 4 bar phrases and 16 bar sections.

By the end of this course you’ll be improvising fluently!

Advanced Organ Lessons in Improvisation

Celebrity Organ Masterclasses

For the ultimate level, you need to follow our masterclass courses by leading names such as Sietze De Vries. These masterclasses even take you to improvising fugues, developing phrase structure and other forms. These organ lesson masterclasses are exclusive to The Maestro Online and included a structured course booklet in the form of a digital magazine with tutorial videos embedded. They are all included in the regular library of organ lessons self-study courses.

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