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Only If YOU aspire Excellence: Celebrity Best Online Piano Lessons

You are either an advanced or semi-professional pianist seeking the best online piano lessons, or you’re a teacher with a very able student who needs something advanced or supplementary to develop their rock-pop piano. You are aware that the best online piano lessons in a digital format are extremely hard to find. Celebrity best online piano lessons will really take you to the next level because you are learning from the very best musicians who perform at an international level; aspire excellence!

Qu.? “I want to be able to play the piano the way I imagine.  Can I achieve this?” 

Answer:  Learn from the best pianists, “session” musicians who play with international level A-list stars. Advanced piano courses online form the best online piano lessons for those who want to be professional level pianists.

So, obviously, you’re not going to become a copy-cat pianist, using apps or a youtube video.  You need to be creative, imaginative and spontaneous so that you can “just sit and play”, “improvise” or “vamp” piano.

What am I looking for in Advanced Piano Courses Online?

Forget youtube and apps. A hybrid of books and videos creates the best online piano lessons:

  • Digital magazines with short tutorial videos from international piano celebrities on each page.

  • Written out piano solos and piano improvisations from these videos for you to study.

  • A break down of their best piano solos, revealing significant features & relevant theory.

  • Bespoke structured exercises/tasks developing similar piano technique and chord progressions.

  • Zoom support.

  • The option to request bespoke piano courses for anything in your piano playing that you need.

How do I Discover my Own Style in Pop Piano?

Part of becoming a professional pop pianist is having individual charactare. So you hear Sting, Adele, Beyonce, Madonna, Whitney Houston and they all have very distinctive sounds, as do other famous singers.  Pianists can have exactly the same.

Advanced piano lessons anable you:

  • To make your fingers play what is in your head (solfege is particularly good for this).

  • To perceive different keys with greater ease (again, relative solfege is perfect for this).

  • To create piano licks and patterns that have unique characteristics.

  • To find interesting rhythms without defaulting to more obvious 4/4 riffs.

  • To connect piano licks and chord spacings to the main melody.

These techniques all help you find another level.

Marcus Brown, Madonna’s keyboard player, and on James Morrison songs, has brilliant insights into piano cross-rhythms.  He is certainly the best pop piano player that I know for creating details in piano texture, ‘playing with the beat’, the use of advanced chords, the influence of latin clave patterns, and chord voicing.

Where do I find interesting Piano Bass lines, how to Improvise with Piano Scales and Creation of Licks in Piano Courses Online?

Mark Walker, Korg keyboard player to The Jacksons, teaches funk, gospel, pop and jazz bass lines in the video at the top of this article. He creates individual syncopated lines that literally come to life.

Mick Donnelly, is a legend of a sax player. Sax players teach melodic improvisation differently because they come less from the perspective of piano chords and more ‘horizontal line’. Mick has played for the biggest names.  He teaches activities to develop improvisation with the Blues Scale, the Pentatonic Scale, the Major Scale and Modes in an extremely effective, structured and yet creative way.  Mick explains things very clearly.

What do you Mean by Celebrity Piano Lesson Musicians?

Our piano lessons come from musicians who have worked with Robbie Williams, All Saints, Lulu, James Morrison, Ellie Goulding, Stormzy Emeli Sande, West Life, James Morrison, Sammy Davis Jr, Mel C and so many more. There is no doubt that these are the best online piano lessons.

You have probably heard our musicians on your radio or TV within the last week and not realised! contains the very best online piano lessons that you will never find elsewhere alongside piano lessons and courses by The Maestro Online that will take you from beginning stages as a pop pianist.

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