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High Hopes by Panic At The Disco Piano Cover Pop Piano Lesson

Contemporary Pop Piano Lesson

Here’s another Pop Piano Online teaser, hoping that you might seek booking some lessons of your own! This time we are exploring High Hopes by Panic at the Disco.

Making Piano Music from the Page

How often do you love a song and get the sheet music only to find that the printed piano part is actually nowhere near as exciting as the original song? Well, that’s the art of the piano cover – taking the printed dots and bringing them to life. There’s three possibilities considered here that can make a real difference and make your piano cover sound far more exciting so that you don’t Panic at the Disco too much!

Piano Left Hand Chords and Rests

Firstly, don’t be shy of rests in the left hand! Punchy chords can be very effective and there’s no need to fill every beat with sound. Sometimes a constant wall of sound has a lack of character.

Blues notes and 7th chords on the Piano

Secondly, don’t be afraid to add blues notes and 7ths or other non-harmony notes to create your own ‘colour’ and cover with the musical flavours that you enjoy.

Wide Pitch Range, Use the Whole Piano

Texturally, create a wider tessitura (range). Using high and mid pitches with the right hand whilst emphasising octaves in the left hand makes the whole piece far more exciting. The contrast and rapid movement between different registers creates a more dynamic performance.

Rhythmic Drive

Find a strong rhythmic character that you can add. The lack of drum kit in a piano solo can mean that a different or extra rhythmic drive is needed to create character.

If you enjoyed these tips and this video, think about booking online lessons.

Robin is ex no. 1 in UK charts and 33 globally for putting jazzy twists on the pop piano. All lessons are holistic, engraining theory, improvisation and connecting with the soul. He has extensive experience as a workshop provider, teacher, lecturer and performer.

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