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Online Piano Improv Lessons: Consecutive 5ths Duncan Laurence Arcade Cover

Piano Improvisation inspired by others

So, you are improvising and playing around, but your playing always sounds the same. The improvisation never takes a new journey, what do you do? Answer: find a song you love and be influenced by a specific feature.

Using Intervals to Create specific Harmony in Piano Improv

Duncan Laurence’s “Arcade” harks back to the organum music of medieval times thanks to its consecutive fifths in the bass. What does this mean? Well, if you count up from E, E-F-G-A-B, five notes and play E and B together you have a fifth. When these notes move up and down in parallel it creates a rather calming, old-fashioned feel that is also somehow rather lonely and hollow.

Check out my mini-Arcade Piano Cover in the video.

Holistic Online Piano Improv Lessons with Aural and Theory Integrated

Once you have found a feature in a song, it’s time to start playing around with it. That’s exactly what I do, I take the song on a journey.

Music Theory?

Yes, Music Theory Lessons are integrated. What have we learned? We have learned about a specific interval, the Perfect Fifth as well as Organum and the Medieval era.


Yes, we’ve learned some of that too. We’ve learned what a fifth sounds like and the effect it creates when it moves in parallel. So in summary we have covered playing/performing, improvising, theory and aural all in a few minutes.

What’s not to love about holistic learning?

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