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Piano Technique through Chart Piano Covers

When people want to learn chart hits and create pop piano covers, they don’t realise that they also need to develop their finger dexterity and piano technique. Playing pop music doesn’t negate the need for finger independence and accuracy at speed with even sixteenth notes and the like when seeking to create flashy solos. The best way to develop your technique is to create exercises from the pieces that you are already playing and integrating the technique with both the original performance and the improvisation.

Here’s a lesson that integrates a combination of Dohnanyi and Hannon exercises via Little Mix’s Confetti. Yes, Dohnanyi and Hannon are respected technical classical piano exercises and yes, you can create really legitimate exercises through pop/chart piano pieces!

And, to follow it up, here’s my quick Saturday morning bright and breezy 7 am attempt at a Little Mix Confetti Piano Cover!

If you would like Pop Piano lessons or Chart Piano lessons so that you can improvise and create your own piano covers then visit: with an offer of Book 4 Lessons, get the 1st free.

Here’s some other Pop Piano lesson teasers for you:

Sample Online Pop Piano Lesson Teasers

Let’s Go Home Together by Ella Henderson (4 chord progressions)

High Hopes by Panic at the Disco (3 note melodies)

Arcade by Duncan Laurence (Consecutive 5ths)

Rock Around the Clock by Bill Haley and the Comets (Major-minor 3rds and the Blues Scale)

My Heart Will Go On from Titanic (Arpeggios)

4 Note Tune Mash-ups (Excerpts of famous tunes that use only 4 notes)

Wellerman Sea Shanty (Modifying a piece to make it suitable for different levels of ability)



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