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Popular Piano Lessons, Football’s Coming Home

Popular Piano Lesssons involve connecting with the interests of the student. The most significant event in England in the past few weeks has been the Euro 2020 Football. It’s time to learn music theory and piano skills through pop piano lessons.

This is an obvious opportunity to connect popular football songs with cover versions.

Pop Piano Lesson Expression

My piano lessons journey began with England-Scotland in the quarter finals:

There were two elements to this lessons, firstly, adding a a piano walking bass for some jazz piano improvisation to The Great Escape. Secondly, taking a popular song, Three Lions on a Shirt, and putting it in the minor key. Piano improvisations can often change the tonality of the original song. This is further developing the concept of expression and the connection of emotions with jazz piano improvisation and pop piano improvisation.

Pop Piano Lesson Technique

The next focus was the semi-finals with Denmark:

The Sweet Caroline pop piano lesson particular focused on developing some movement in the left hand piano technique, whilst The Final Countdown focused on right hand dexterity. The semiquavers/sixteenth notes are particularly difficult to get crisp, so the left hand maintaining a strong beat helps make the rhythm accurate.

Pop Piano Lesson Stylisation

The third pop piano lesson video focuses on broadening the use of styles in one piece:

This pop piano lesson starts with an opera song, relating to the Italy-England match. O Sole Mio was famous in the UK as an advert for Italian Cornetto ice-cream, “Just One Cornetto”. This opera song in this piano lesson has been taken into the minor key, with arpeggios rolling up in the left hand, shaking chords in different inversions in the right hand to create the feeling of an Italian guitar.

Pop Piano Lesson Reharmonisation

This morphs into a pop piano lesson on We Are the Champions by Queen. The pop piano harmony is re-harmonised at the end to use a chord a major third below the tonic (in this case Db major) followed by the tonic, F major. This reharmonisation creates a very bright piano ending.

Pop Piano Lesson Music Theory through Pop Piano Lessons

Learn your pop music theory for pop piano lessons by actually playing! Enjoy!

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