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Rag ‘n’ Bone Man and Pink Online Piano Cover Lesson

Rag ‘n’ Bone Man Anywhere Away from Here Piano Cover

The wonderful thing about learning pop piano improvisation is that you can jump on the bandwagon with the latest hits.

Three Note Melodies and Pentatonic Scale for Piano Cover Lesson

The initial melody is a great place for this piano cover lesson to start and excellent for those who use solfege (the do-re-mi system) because it only uses three notes. Start with the three black keys to get a good handshape and to quickly identify which notes to use and then transpose it into different keys. What have you done already? Played a 3 note melody and learned about transposition. Not bad for a beginner!

Well, go a step further and learn the next bit of the melody and you find that you are using all of the black notes, the pentatonic scale. This is a much easier place to start than the original key because it is easier to spot the notes that you need, but you can then transpose it to any key that you want.

Learning the Piano Chords, for Harmony in Beginner Piano Cover Lessons

The left hand chords follow straight on from my lesson and video on Arcade by Duncan Laurence (check it out here). In Arcade, the left hand uses parallel fifths that resemble organum from the medieval era. Anywhere Away from Here starts with the same concept and expands the third chord by one semitone to form a minor sixth. Play around with these chords (this is what piano cover lesson exploration/improvisation is – “playing around”) to gain a deeper understanding and, again, play in different keys. I explain it all in this video:

Beginner Piano Cover Lessons – creating your own Pop Piano Covers

Now it’s time to put it all together. Here’s two beginner piano covers that might inspire you! The first is rather free, simply exploring the blues and pentatonic scales over the left hand chord progression. The second also keeps the left hand the same, but it returns to elements of the melody more frequently, creating a more unified effect.

Want online beginner piano cover lessons?

Dr Robin Harrison teaches on Zoom and provides an online beginner piano cover courses in a digital library. The courses are digital magazines with embedded teaching videos. Members of the library also get to request their own courses and have email and zoom support.

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