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POP PIANO LESSONS ONLINE: Seven Nation Army Minor Scale


Seven Nation Army E minor Bass Riff, 5ths, 4ths, block chords

Pop Piano Lesson Online: The Natural Minor Scale

Another opportunity to explore the natural minor scale, but this time through a very famous bass riff. The Seven Nation Army riff uses E E G E D C B, followed by E E G E D C D C B.

Pop Piano Lesson Online: Consecutive Fifths

It’s a very strong sound and to enhance this you can play in consecutive 5ths. That means, including the note itself, counting up 5: E-F-G-A-B. B is the fifth, so, over an E you play a B. Over a G play a D, over C play G and over B play F# (5 steps is actually 7 semitones, which is a more specific way of counting from the bottom note to the top).

Pop Piano Lesson Online: Consecutive Fourths

To enhance the sound further, explore consecutive 4ths in the right hand. Over the E bass, you still play E and B (as in the 5ths exercise), but in the right hand the B is the lowest note and the E is the highest.

Pop Piano Lesson Online: Improvisation

Next explore some free improvisation over the top and adapt it as you need to create your own piece. You might use the pure natural minor scale: E F# G A B C D E and you might also use a D# to include the leading note. If you want a little blues colouring, you could also include an A#.

Pop Piano Lesson Online: Homophonic Chords

Finally, some homophonic chords – punchy block chords create extra rhythmic interest. Try E minor, A minor and B minor. D major can work well before E minor at the cadence.

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