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Singing Lesson Ain’t No Mountain

These are rehearsal tracks for choir. Choir – my ability to get the accent right, breathier tone and play the piano simultaneously is seriously challenged, so here’s some pointers!

Singing Lessons Soul Accent

I might not be from the South with a Soul accent, but modifying vowels as best I can helps the song sound authentic.

Here’s a few pointers:

(1) The sound comes more from the back of the throat.

(2) Lips are often more forward.

(3) Attempt at some phonetic-inspired notation:

Lair-sern Bah-ay-beh (e as in “egg”)

Ain’t no mountnnn (no vowel) ha (as in cat), ain’t nerr valle (cat) lerw

Ain’t no riva warrd a nerf bah-ay beh (egg)

If ya nayd may coll may

Ner madder where you are

Ner madder how far.

Duhohnt werair bah-ayeh (egg)

Just coll ma name,

Ahll bair thair in a herr ay,

You dern’t have to weerrr ay.

Marvin Singing Lesson

Tammi Singing Lesson

Marvin Singing Lesson with a little Piano Vamp

An attempt at putting them all together!

Tammi Singing Lesson with Piano Vamp

Here’s an attempt at a bit of piano support under Tammi’s part!

Singing Lesson Overlapping Parts

Time for the two parts to overlap! Ouch! Let’s give it a go!

For more details on the choir in Yarm, Teesside, UK, visit

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