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Singing Tutorial for Adults

Singing Lessons for Adults

Deborah Catterall, former Director, National Youth Choir of Great Britain

Singing tutorials for adults are fun, singing with tone becomes easy, and pedagogically researched techniques are effective. Singing tutorials are also great for improving your voice, confidence, and self-esteem.

Adult Singers should start with Posture

Even if you’ve taken singing lessons before, our recent research into posture and tonal development reveals exceptional results. What do we mean?

  • The singer should place their weight on the ball of the foot.

  • The singers knees should be soft.

  • The tale of the spine should be flexible and move when breathing and singing.

  • All joints should ‘sit’ but not be ‘held’.

  • The neck should be aligned.

  • The head not tilted too far back.

  • Try hoolahooping, keeping your knees and upper chest still. Try different distances apart between your feet. Compare feet straight to feet ‘penguined’.

  • Let the lower jaw hang rather than being held.

The Singer’s Tongue

We all know about recovery position and the fact that the tongue is so large in the throat that it can prevent breathing. The tongue is also connected to the area around the larynx and so not only does it effect the singer’s breathing, but also their tone.

  • Stretch the tongue over your top teeth (between your teeth and lip), hold it and swallow.

  • Repeat over the bottom teeth.

  • Repeat between your teeth.

  • Begin to swallow and hold the larynx in position for a count of 4. Repeat 3 times.

  • Release and relax

You will now find that the back of your mouth feels much more relaxed and your throat far more open, resulting in relaxed, open, unforced singing and tone. Exercises such as these, and more, are used by chiropracters to help snorers.

The Best Singing Tutorials

If you’ve been thinking about learning how to sing, now’s the perfect time to start. The best singing tutorials do not just teach you to sing a song, they teach you to be more aware of your body and to release tension in such a way that your body moves freely and your tone simply resonates through your bone and cavities.

Singing Lessons for Adults and the Broader Picture

Musical learning and practice have very positive effects on cognitive function, mood and quality of life in older adults. Professional musicians have been found to have greater than average gray matter in motor, auditory, and visuospatial areas, differences in white matter architecture, stronger asymmetry of the planum temporale, and increased corpus callosum (Schlaug, Science issue 267).

Singing should be part of your regular health routine!

Singer’s Patience

We understand that learning to sing takes practice and dedication. That’s why The Maestro Online offers both 1-1 and library course tutorials that enable you to learn at your own pace.

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