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Singing Lessons For Kids: How Can I Teach My Children Proper Singing Techniques?

Singing lessons for kids are extremely important. Children should be taught from a young age. However, many parents struggle to teach their children proper singing techniques. It’s not just about technique, it’s about self-worth, self-confidence, morale and emotional well-being.

Let’s take a look at an excellent singing course journey that will lead to long-term success.

Singing Lessons Journey

Play songs that they like

Singing motivation is key. When singers are inspired, they love singing more. Enjoyment helps them associate music with positive feelings. Sing along with them too; singing together creates bonds and releases endorphins. Furthermore, the word “practice” isn’t one that you need to mention, because they’re already doing it!

Singing and Character Building

It also helps children to release emotions, to find their own characters and to learn character traits such as persistence when things are not perfect, overcoming challenges and working towards a goal. Singing creates positive and well-being unlike any other activity, perhaps other than sports. There is a huge amount of scientific research into singing and emotional health.

Singing Lesson Soul

Singing Technique for Kids

Singing lessons for kids can establish good vocal technique from the beginning, preventing bad habits from creeping in and improve pitch accuracy for their whole lives.

Firstly, breath is at the core of all singing. Children do not yet understand deep breath from the stomach area, expanding the ribs, gaining muscular support from the tummy and lower back to enhance the air pressure exiting their lungs. A specialist vocal coach or singing teacher will enable these skills without young singers having to think too much about which particular muscle to engage.

Singing Styles & Vocal Technique

You may be concerned about which style of singing a lesson is for – classical singing, musical theatre lessons, pop vocal coaching etc. However, core singing technique applies to all styles. What do I mean?

  • Breath, as discussed above.

  • Resonance – where the tone is ‘placed’. Freeing muscles so that the sound naturally ‘echoes’ around the body like the wooden body of a guitar amplifies the sound of the strings.

  • Free larynx – preventing tension in the throat so that vocal nodules don’t develop. Preventing a child from pushing from the throat when singing. This is a common thing and, if left uncorrected and can lead to the need for surgery at a later stage (even Julie Andrews and Elton John developed vocal nodules).

  • Solfege – this is a really useful singing technique to develop accurate pitch.

  • Harmony – connecting the notes you sing to the accompaniment also helps develop singing improvisation. Improvisating is a part of classical, jazz, rock-pop styles and particularly part of the Beyonce style runs and licks that we all love.

  • Musical Phrasing – adding the finesse. Singing teachers and vocal coaches are great for this!

Singing Courses Online

Singing Lesson Support

Yes, all singing teachers are paid by the hour. However, you want to know that your young singer is fully supported. The singing teacher should be on hand to reply to a singing related email within a day, or to be able to drop a quick zoom call to check a singing issue if you are worried.

Parents can support young singers too. Play favourite songs with them (exchange which are your favourites on youtube), take them to concerts, or watch musical performances online with them. These all contribute to “singing practice” without using the scary “practising” word!

Singing Lesson Support

Best Singing Lessons – Vocal Masterclasses

So, your young singer is doing well. What next? Singing masterclasses from experts! The Maestro Online already has leading names for piano courses (such as Madonna’s keyboard player) and is now expanding into the vocal technique and singing masterclass range.

Singing Course Performances

Singing Courses Online & Singing Lessons 1-1

There are two options with The Maestro Online:

(1) Singing Lessons Online – there is an affordable online library of courses that develop tuning, technique, harmonising and improvisation skills. International level singers masterclasses are on their way too.

(2) 1-1 lessons on Zoom or in-person (Teesside, UK) from an experienced national level teacher whose students have released singles, become West End singers, become performers, work in studios, lead choirs and are now teachers themselves.

Are you an ambitious singer who wants to become the best?

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