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Stormy Monday Blues

Stormy Monday is a classic blues by T Bone Walker that is perfect for vocal coaching and Gospel Choir work. It has gaps between lines in which licks and runs can readily be improvised.

This song has been covered by many singers. My favourite version is by Etta James.

Minor Pentatonic Vocal Improv Licks

Here’s some sample licks and bends in between each phrase, particularly using the minor pentatonic scale.

Pentatonic Vocal Course Improv, Runs, Licks

If you want to explore this aspect of singing further, there are two courses directly relevant to this in the Maestro Online Library.

Firstly, there’s the “Roar to Success Method” that develops a range of pentatonic embellishments and decorations, teaching you their names, identifying them and applying them to “Roar” by Katy Perry.

Secondly there’s, “The Famous Five Work Out” which takes pentatonic licks from Blues artists, from Beyonce and others and then makes them into work-out exercises. Finally, there’s the chance to apply what you have learned with Avicii’s “Hey Brother”.

There are piano vamp tracks for you to practise improvising and developing runs.

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