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Vocal Technique – Soul & Blues Embellishments

Make you Feel my Love was, few realise, originally by Bob Dylan and then covered by Adele. What an amazing song! Bob Dylan’s version creates a more straight-forward skeleton on which to develop and Adele certainly did just that. What would you do? Here’s a session on blues licks and runs and their application.

Vocal Exercise 1 – Appoggiaturas

Let’s start with some simple embellishments – some appoggiaturas. Start on the note above and fall by step. They’re simple, but really effective.

Vocal Exercise 2 – Upper Neighbour Notes

Another simple, effective ornament is the upper neighbour note. These days they tend to be very fast, very airy and sometimes you really have to listen carefully to spot them – they can be quite subtle.

Vocal Exercise 3 – Triple Falls

These are some of my favourite. You’ll hear them occasionally in Adele, but more so in Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey and Beyonce style decorations.

Vocal Exercises applied to Re-style a Song

Here’s a series of videos adding embellishments and reinventing Make You Feel My Love to create a more Soul style performance.

Verse 1

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