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Coffee Break Piano 3: I Wanna Dance with Somebody

The 3rd in the Coffee Break series – an I Wanna Dance With Somebody easy piano lesson online.

  • Play the melody on Piano.

  • Sing the Solfège to improve your ear training.

  • Add a bass left hand piano part.

  • Improvise – it’s pentatonic, so you can do this in a coffee break!

Looking to learn how to play piano online? You don’t have to be a music prodigy in order to make beautiful piano music. We created this easy-to-follow piano tutorial that will help you master the basics quickly and easily, so you can start playing your favourite songs in just a coffee break!

I Wanna Dance With Somebody on the Piano

Learn this simple pentatonic melody (just the black notes) quickly on the piano! An easy piano lesson online!

Add a simple Left Hand Beginner Piano Bass part

How about some Ear Training with Solfege?

Then use some software to help you with your Curwen / Kodaly Solfege handsigns and words! Ear training improves the connection between what you hear in your mind and what you play at your fingertips. Its fantastic for helping you improvise on the piano.

Follow some simple I Wanna Dance treble clef notes.

If you already follow piano notation, play piano from the I Wanna Dance notation.

I Wanna Dance Piano Cover Improvisation

Here’s my attempt at a coffee-break improvisation on I Wanna Dance. Please send your piano improvisations for us to hear and share too!

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Even with a beginner’s tutorial, there’s nothing quite taking an online piano course to achieve the next level. The Maestro Online Piano Courses provide detailed instruction, offer tailored advice, and introduce you to new concepts that will help take your piano playing to the next level. Additionally at The Maestro Online, many celebrity masterclass piano instructors and courses focus on teaching specific genres and styles which can be very useful for those looking to specialize in a particular type of piano music.