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Yarm Near Stockton, Darlington, Northallerton, Middlesbrough, Teesside

It’s been a real pleasure to learn with Robin! His classes are always exciting, simple to follow, informative, and most importantly, entertaining! He has aided me in further realising the beauty of the piano through the fascinating genre of jazz music. I look forward to improvising new melodies and tunes every day thanks to Robin’s patient and skilled instruction. A fantastic piano teacher, 10/10!

Nathan, Hong Kong

Jazz piano is quite perplexing in that it involves freedom. Freedom from following a jazz piano score, freedom from playing your jazz notes or rhythms identically to someone else, and yet, somehow certain things ‘sound right’ and others don’t. In other words, we need to ‘understand’ jazz piano theory in order to create our best jazz piano improvisations.

Many people turn to these jazz piano lessons because they started learning classically and lost their spark. They want freedom, they want to play what they want, how they want it and not to be constantly reading notes, but rather ‘making music’.

What might you learn in jazz piano lessons online or face-to-face?

  • Jazz Piano Swing Rhythm
  • Hearing melodies and notes in your mind so that your jazz piano improvisations reflect what you imagine.
  • Playing jazz melodies and jazz chord progressions in different keys
  • Reading Lead Sheets with outline jazz melody notation and jazz chord symbols
  • Left hand jazz patterns such as stride, walking bass, shuffle and more.
  • Different jazz piano styles from blues through to latin
  • How to make a jazz piano piece ‘your own’, similar to a jazz piano cover version
  • How to approach common jazz piano chord progressions such as ii-V-Is, tritone substitutions, higher level dissonances (7ths, 9ths etc), more complex jazz piano chords, and Rhythm Changes.
  • How to use scales such as the blues scale, modal scales (dorian, phrygian etc, pentatonic scale effectively
  • Licks and patterns that make jazz piano improvisation exciting
  • Turnarounds that flavour particular types of jazz piano playing
  • Strategic Specific Jazz Piano Practice Techniques so that you can progress with jazz piano improvisation in a structured way
  • Jazz Piano Examinations – preparation for all major boards and institutions
  • Live learn to play jazz piano lessons online or face-to-face (Yarm, near Stockton and Middlesbrough, Teesside, UK) all include a bespoke video summary of the session.


You will develop a depth of understanding and musicianship not found in other jazz piano teaching courses.

Sarah – Jazz Piano Lessons for Adults

As an adult going back to piano lessons, I was nervous and very rusty. Robin did an amazing job of calming my fears and helping me back on the road to discovering a love of playing. He is empathetic, kind, patient and fun, on top of being an amazing musician!

Very highly recommended

Learn Jazz Piano for all: Jazz piano lessons online, Jazz piano for beginners, advanced Jazz piano lessons and adult piano lessons. Book bespoke jazz piano courses for your individual needs, jazz piano lessons online, or if you are local book jazz piano lessons ‘near me’. This jazz piano teacher and jazz piano instructor will certainly free you up from the dots on the page!