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Organ Lessons

Just achieved more in a 30 minute organ lesson with Robin than I’ve achieved in the last 5 years of trying to teach myself. Why did I leave it so long to find a teacher? Don’t be a Steve, get some proper lessons! @Maestro1Online 

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Beginner Church Organ Lessons

Whether you want a more dynamic approach with short snippets of famous tunes that gain technique and transposition skills rapidly, or a traditional approach, fun is totally guaranteed. Learn how to be an “organgsta” here! There are also many, many pipe organ courses for you in the church organ online course library. There’s a particularly dynamic pedal method inspired by the Dupre approach.

Advanced Church Organ Lessons

My journey has taken me from the Dupre style approach from my teacher Noel Rawsthorne, to Early Music technique with Margaret Phillips, and much technical performance practice techniques from Roger Fisher. As a former RCO diploma examiner I can offer you much insight. I have a range of approaches to improvisation and keyboard harmony, including historically researched techniques from past years. Learn about excellent Advanced Church Organ Lessons here.


We Will Rock You (Queen)

The Church Organ Online library courses include dynamic approaches to keyboard harmony, improvisation and transposition. They also include advanced aural courses designed to improve your approach to diploma aural tests. I teach many people the aspects of history and essay questions for Royal College of Organist RCO diplomas. There’s a very dynamic pedal method inspired by the Dupre heritage.

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