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The Best Classical Piano Training Online Or Face-to-Face in Teesside, UK

Robin is an amazing music teacher who is passionate about music. Patient , fun and an absolute genius at what he does. Highly recommend him to anyone looking for music lessons.

Lucy, an adult classical piano lessons student

I was trained by Robin in both classical piano and classical singing for a couple of years. Robin is an excellent and highly talented musician who helped me achieve my Grade 8 classical piano and DipLCM in classical singing. I thoroughly enjoyed his holistic approach to classical teaching. Music became more than just simply note reading, it became an enjoyable experience as I was taught how to learn different techniques that enhanced the way I learnt pieces of classical music. As a result of this, I was able to gain huge confidence when performing in public and I begun to enjoy playing music even more due to Robin’s great teaching advice. I would highly recommend Robin!

Alana, a teenage classical piano lessons student

As an adult going back to piano lessons, I was nervous and very rusty. Robin did an amazing job of calming my fears and helping me back on the road to discovering a love of playing. He is empathetic, kind, patient and fun, on top of being an amazing musician!

Very highly recommended.

Sarah, a classical piano lessons for adults pupil

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Classical Piano Lessons Online & Face-to-Face

Yarm Near Stockton, Darlington, Northallerton, Middlesbrough, Teesside

Dr Robin Harrison PhD, your experienced online music teacher, will help you to: Develop piano technique, play the right notes and rhythms, but, MORE than that:

  • learn to play classical piano with much expression

  • connect with what the classical composer originally intended,

  • connect your classical piano playing with the meaning behind the music,

  • learn classical piano pieces with historically accurate interpretation

  • phrase like never before,

  • understand your classical piano piece,

  • understand the composer and era,

  • express with depth,

  • and create meaningful, deep, sincere classical music.

Would the classical piano composer stand up at the end of your performance and thank you?

These lessons include

  • classical adult piano lessons,

  • classical piano lessons for beginners and

  • advanced piano lessons

  • preparation for auditions, competitions and piano exams.

They all fuse different skills from the very beginning with a “Sound to Symbol” methodology:

  • First, learn to play the classical piano piece (“doing”).

  • Second, discover the theory learned subconsciously (understanding) through learning to play classical piano.

  • Thirdly, always be creative, even improvise classical piano!

Certification is available for all classical piano courses and via all classical piano exam boards.

Typical classical piano lesson steps include:

  • Rhythmic concepts through sound, understood practically through classical piano performance
  • Pitch training by developing the understanding of sound in the head (inner ear) using Kodaly derived solfege (the relative do-re-mi system) to help you hear your piano pieces in your mind
  • Transpositing classical piano pieces (playing pieces in different keys and thus using the whole piano)
  • Absolute notation (reading with note letter names) to support piano sight-reading
  • Piano coordination – activities between the hands
  • Inner ear development
  • Make a classical piano piece ‘your own’ through interpretation
  • Developing multiple classically phrased voices simultaneously by advanced techniques such as simultaneously playing one part and singing another
  • Understanding the classical context – performance practices and classical compositional developments of the time and geographical region.
  • Discover how to intensify connection between emotion and how you play classical piano – connect the piece to your soul and vice-versa
  • Broader understanding of the classical piano composer, his/her wider repertoire and how to give authentic credit to the composer, performing with integrity to their intentions (make the original classical composer proud of your performance)
  • Classical Piano Performance training and piano performance anxiety management
  • Classical, pop piano, jazz piano improvisation (including backing tracks to improvise over) further to deepen understanding and consolidate concepts and skills learned
  • Score reduction – understanding your classical piano piece by playing the skeleton harmony
  • Classical Piano Sight Reading practice methods
  • Strategic Specific Classical Piano Practice Techniques
  • Classical Piano Diploma Examinations – preparation for all major boards and institutions
  • Live learn to play piano lessons online or face-to-face (Yarm, near Stockton and Middlesbrough, Teesside, UK) all include a bespoke video summary of the session.


These steps develop a depth of understanding and musicianship not found in other classical piano training methodologies.

Your Classical Piano Teacher Online (or Face-to-Face)

Classical piano lessons are where it all began. Robin is insanely obsessive about classical music educational techniques, how people learn the classical piano best (pedagogy), progression and methodology and his ideas were first formulated teaching classical piano.  Lessons feature creative and musical tasks not found in commercial classical piano methods.  Pupils develop into intuitive musicians with significant musical intelligence from the very earliest stages of their online classical piano lessons journey.

Advanced Classical Piano Lessons Tuition

  • Classical Piano Practice, Technique & Musicianship to the highest levels.

Advanced classical pianists particularly benefit from the inner-ear pedagogy derived from that of Kodaly.  They ‘hear’ the various parts in their classical piano training that are not the main melodic material.  They ‘feel’ the phrases and structures and thus ‘communicate’ the classical music to the listener rather than ‘reproduce’ the classical piano score.  The result is something very personal, very musical and for those who enter classical piano examinations or competitions, higher marks.  Technical classical piano exercises reduce tension to minimal levels thus promoting independence of the fingers and allowing faster passages to flow on the piano with ease.  Other classical piano practice methodologies include exercises that enhance the coordination of hands.  Even classical piano scales and typical classical piano lesson technical exercises are not taught in conventional ways and they readily become a journey of discovery, creativity and imagination, making them fun and useful!  Piano performance anxiety management and coaching is very much a part of these classical piano lessons.

Classical piano diploma, college and university students benefit from advanced aural technique training and inspirational support for the paperwork element of their examinations.

Classical Piano Review

There aren’t enough superlatives in the English Language for me to use to explain how fantastic Robin is. He is THE best musician I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. He played at my wedding and everyone commented on how amazing the pianist was! He also then went on to play some improv as we walked out of the room as we signed the register. He is a spectacular musician and nothing is ever too much trouble. You would not be disappointed if Robin played at an event, I guarantee it.

— Jessica