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Go from Bathroom Vocals to Pop Vocals Stage Performer.

If you are a living room pop vocalist looking to enhance your vocal technique beyond your home singing and deepen your levels of vocal expression then sing up, I mean, sign up for a vocal coach lesson today from a very experienced voice coach, where pedagogy matters.



Some of the world’s greatest pop vocal performances have been delivered in the bathroom. Sadly, no one else was around to experience the delight. Now they certainly can, because I can coach your voice to transport YOUR VOCAL technique to the same level of performance, whether in your living room, the stage or to the vocals studio.



You “Want to Break Free”! Engage an online vocal coach or in-person. You’ll never hear a professional vocalist say that they’re “just a bathroom singer”. While deep down inside they certainly are. When it comes to singing for a set of eyes and ears or for posterity (in the studio), it takes more than just unmonitored confidence. There certainly is an art to it and I am here to vocal coach your pop voice and instil confidence.



Nervous? Well don’t be! The lights are too bright to see the audience anyway. Instead, imagine yourself with your hairbrush and sing as though no one is watching. Pop vocal technique is important, but singing vocals is all about the ‘hair’ passion. YOU can sing it, it’s not just a ‘pony tail’, but a ‘Grease Lightning’ reality!

Now vocally stylise your song and make your own chart hit pop vocalist’s cover version.

Sing for fun, enjoy pop singing from the core

  • Learn by listening to famous pop singers

  • Copy famous pop vocal licks

  • Vocal Coach Vocal Lessons for Kids

  • Vocal Coach Vocal Lessons for Beginners

  • Vocal Coach Vocal Lessons for Adults

  • Advanced Vocal Coach Vocal Lessons for Professionals

The best online vocal lessons, or face-to-face, include:

  • Enhance Pop Vocalist’s Breathing

  • Improve pop vocal tuning

  • Develop professional pop vocalist’s phrasing

  • Adapt vowels to different pop vocal styles

  • Voice coach your high notes

  • Develop personal pop vocal stylisation

  • Vocally improvise and add pop singer’s inflections

  • Develop a range of pop vocal tones to enhance expression

  • Expand your range of pop vocal licks

  • Develop pop vocal technique that matches the best singers at a national level

Classical Pop Vocals

Take it to the highest level, book the best online vocal lessons or face-to face:

  • Try out for singing auditions for competitions

  • Try out for singing auditions for colleges, choirs and musical theatre

  • Sing at local events or national

  • Join singing groups

  • Take singing exams and diplomas

  • Or simply save your pop singing for you and your own well-being, let those endorphins release.

Sample Areas of THE BEST Pop Vocal Technique from THE BEST Vocal Coach

  • Vocalists FLEXIBLE breathing, open, relaxed, various techniques including a supple version of intercostal support

  • Enhance ‘support’ by using vocal fricatives and vocalists breathing techniques

  • Singers pop vocal tuning, including note bends and blues or gospel inflections bending notes and inner ear development through songs

  • A range of vocal resonances and stylised vowels to enhance variety of vocal tone

  • Open, relaxed throat to reduce strain and fatigue and to enhance your pop vocal tone

  • Tongue position & stretches to develop your pop vocal tone

  • The free voice, based on what nature intended, not forced or tired

  • Vocal tone modification for different popular vocal styles and registers

  • Managing vocal change in teenage singing voices

  • Training your vocals tuning through specific songs and pitches, leading to tuneful vocal licks and vocal improvisation

  • Stylising songs with neighbour notes, passing notes, alternative chord notes, appoggiaturas, licks and runs,

    pentatonic, major and natural minor.

  • Vocal falsetto for male and female singers

  • Evening of tone from low to high with no obvious ‘breaks’ in the voice

  • A variety of voice onsets and releases (how you begin and end notes)

  • Rock Pop vocal improvisation, licks, riffs and runs

  • Making the song your own and developing your own interpretation, developing an individual cover and YOUR style

  • Learning how to connect your soul and emotions with the vocal tone and specific voice expression that you produce

  • Strategic rock pop vocal practice techniques

  • Piano accompaniments made bespoke and in different keys for high/low voices

  • Vocal examinations – preparation for all major boards and institutions

  • Live rock pop vocal lessons (online vocal lessons or Teesside voice lessons in my home studio Teesside, Yarm near Middlesbrough, Stockton, Darlington and Northallerton) include a bespoke video summary of the vocals lesson.


Want to sing jazz standards like Fitzgerald or Cole? Perhaps you want to get people grooving to a rock n’ roll pop vocal tune by the Beatles or touch souls with a Barry Gibb-like pop falsetto. Maybe you want to vocally belt out a powerful hip-hop number ala Beyoncé with gospel vocal influences or even perform your own pop vocal songs. Doesn’t matter if you aspire to become a contemporary pop vocalist or the lead rock-pop vocalist of a band. If you love pop vocals, especially while vacuuming the stairs (do you recall Freddy Mercury’s singing in the “I want to Break Free” video?!), I’m the pop voice coach online (or in person) that will help people fall even more in love with your pop singing, your voice coach that will enhance your vocal technique and depth of vocal expression. Watch the video to find out more about my pop vocal coach online work, as well as face-to-face near Middlesbrough and Stockton, UK.

Who is your Pop Singing Vocal Coach Online or Face-to-Face?

Dr Robin Harrison PhD has worked with a Nashville Vocal Coach for over 15 years in many ways, researching the best voice coach pedagogy, and continuing to do so. He shares all of his vocal studies with you and passes on an enormous amount of voice coach technique and expertise.

What are HOLISTIC POP VOCAL COACH LESSONS? Click to reading this article. He offers you more than just pop voice coach technique, more than improving the singer’s breath, enhancing high notes, more than developing vocal licks, more than improvisation, more than just expression for your singing. He teaches vocal lessons that connect with the soul, with expression and specialises in personal pop cover versions and interpretation, making you YOUR OWN POP VOCALS ARTIST and not just a mere copy of a famous pop voice. He teaches individual pop vocalists according to their specific voices and needs. The best online vocal lessons or face-to-face.

Fancy Gospel Vocal Lessons or Gospel Singing Lessons? Check out my awesome interview with my good friend Rev Bazil Meade MBE who directs London Community Gospel Choir. I have learned so much about vocal tone from him over the years.

Should you Imitate other Vocalists?

We need a voice coach / vocal coach to steer us towards how to develop our own style.

Here’s an article that might help pop vocalists with this dilemma:

Book the best online vocal lessons from your vocal coach online or Face-to-Face in Teesside, UK

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I really enjoy my vocal lessons with Robin. He’s helping me really connect and understand my own voice through the vast knowledge and techniques he has to offer to help me improve as a singer and artist. And he’s always learning new things himself to push me and think out the box to help me grow.

Nick, professional pop-rock vocalist

He gave me an excellent technical grounding, using lots of fun practical techniques, many of them invented by him, because as well as being a thoroughly nice chap, he is (in my professional opinion), a master of musical magic. As I received requests to teach students myself, lead bands of my own and perform professionally, Robin supported me and freely shared his invaluable advice. He also continued to create and support great opportunities for me. I know that my music business would not have evolved so enjoyably or successfully, without Robin. He is a brilliant teacher, a brilliant human, and I’d recommend him to anyone who loves music.

Rosie, Professional Vocal Coach

Sam, now a Professional Pop Vocal Coach

I started going to singing lessons around the age of 8 years old. I began as a shy child with little confidence however with a massive passion for singing. Within 6 years of studying with Robin I had attained my Pop Vocal Diploma at just 15, and by 18 I had passed musical theatre grade 8 and was grade 8/ diploma standard in classical singing. The best part about learning with Robin was that he encouraged me to do different genres, giving me much more vocal flexibility and technique. Robin always had a very modern approach to teaching, with new games and methods keeping lessons fun and very successful. Robin also provided a variety of performance opportunities in all the different genres of singing, allowing me to build my stage presence. Robin gave me the skills I needed to go on and study at Leeds Conservatoire where I achieved a First class BA Hons Degree in Popular Music. I am now a vocal coach in my own right, which Robin is very supportive of, and also have passion for conducting and want to set up my own choirs. I still sing and have started to release some of my own music. I have performed in different clubs and at festivals such as Beatherder and Solfest. I also work as a function singer, performing in pubs, events and at weddings. A lot of the success I have had in my music career is down to Robin pushing me in those early years and for that I will be forever grateful. Even though I have not been Robin’s pupil for around four years now, his support has continued and he really goes above and beyond for all of his pupils.

Jess, a Pop Vocals National Success

“Robin was my high school teacher. I have never had such a compassionate teacher who would do anything to see his students succeed. He even stayed behind in his own time every day to help me and my development. I went on to receive A*s in practical and theory. Although the most important part of my learning was Robin’s excellent coaching skills which took me from a mediocre singer to coming second in a national singing competition with 12,000 contestants at the age of 18. I would not hesitate having any tuition from Robin, my only regret is that I now live too far away from him to carry on!”

Jonathan, Former Rock Pop Vocals Lessons Student – Freelance Composer and Producer

I studied with Robin for about a year whilst in college to learn more about pop vocal performance and pop music theory, and the lessons I had were some of the most insightful and fresh angles to learning I have ever had.

Each session is made bespoke to the individual, and the lessons that I had on pop vocal performance and projection really helped me as a producer to be able to understand and dissect classic pop singing techniques – I’ve been applying them since to both my own work, and helping clients to get the most out of their pop vocal performances. The skills I’ve taken from Robin’s classes have really stuck with me into my professional career, he’s a fantastic pop vocals teacher!

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