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The best commendation I think I can give Dr Harrison is that after every lesson, I come away with a buzz, whistling the tune of whatever I’ve been singing. I don’t really go just because I want to get good results in exams, I go because I want to become a good singer and because I love singing. That means that coming away having felt like I’ve improved, like I’ve enjoyed singing and that I haven’t just repeated what I did last week is fantastic.

I think that last point is really important. I’ve been going to singing lessons for about 5 months, something like that, and I still haven’t done the same exercise more than twice. I think that Dr Harrison stands out in that his methods work for everyone because they’re different for everyone; tailor-made teaching. What works for you works for you and if it works, don’t knock it. 

The individuality that Dr Harrison is also important because the music is performed by you and not written by whoever so it has to come from you and be expressed as you want it to be and Dr Harrison helps you do this in his methods for expressive singing and his freedom in that he does what you want to do. You want to sing Bach, do it. You want to learn part of Shostakovitch’s Lady Macbeth, do it. You fancy learning a bit of jazz singing for a change, great he has just the exercise and just the song to get you going.

Mondays are the best days of the week, I get through school and then I have singing and piano lessons with Dr Harrison.

Ed, Teenage Classical Singing Lessons Student

Classical Singing lessons online or face to face for all. Beginner singing lessons, singing lessons for kids, adult singing lessons through to Diploma classical singing lessons, auditions, choral college awards preparations, competitions, with a down-to-earth approach, enabling pupils to readily master seemingly quite complex issues.

Good classical singing teaching technique rapidly leads to you knowing what it should ‘feel like’ inside when you get it right. Pupils’ singing ranges, the tone and colours that they produce when singing expand rapidly in the first few weeks. Past classical singing pupils have gained places at stage schools, LIPA, universities worldwide, as well as several successfully competing in national singing TV competitions. Former classical singing students have pursued careers on the stage in classical singing and musical theatre. Certification is available for classical singing courses and all classical singing examination boards are supported.

All lessons are HOLISTIC classical singing Lessons. Visit What are Holistic Singing Lessons online, or in person, to understand this aspect further.

Classical Singing Lesson Course features:

* Classical Singer’s Breathing: a range of techniques that encourage openness and flexibility, including variants of intercostal support & other breathing techniques \* Increased classical singer’s ‘support’ via vocal fricatives \* Singer’s posture, neck, spine, throat, tongue posture to gain the finest singer’s tone \* Tuning and ‘inner ear’ development to enhance the singer’s tuning \* Open classical vowels to enhance quality of tone \* Open, relaxed throat to open the natural voice \* Tongue position to create an open space, promoting better vocal tone \* The free voice with natural technique \* Vocal tone placement for different styles and registers \* Managing vocal change in teenage singing voices \* Classical Falsetto for male & female singers \* Evening of singing tone from low to high with no obvious register ‘breaks’ \* Lots of classical embelishment techniques and Baroque ornamentation in early and classical singing repertoire.

  • Classical singer’s note onsets and releases (how you begin and end notes)
  • Classical singing Improvisations and Cadenzas
  • Developing a classical singer’s interpretation with understanding of how to connect what you feel with the sound that you produce
  • Strategic Singing Practice Techniques and bespoke videos to follow the lesson
  • Piano accompaniments can be made bespoke and in different keys for different singing ranges
  • Classical Singing Examinations – preparation for all major exam boards and institutions
  • Live lessons (classical singing lessons and vocal coaching online or in-person at my home-studio, Yarm near Stockton and Middlesbrough, Teesside, UK) include a bespoke video summary of the session.
  • All Classical Singing Lessons are tailored to your needs, bespoke to you.

Gospel and Classical Singing Online Lesson Interviews

The international holistic musicians interviews page has interviews with significant people that might help you with your classical singing.

  • Penny Randall-Davis, an international classical soprano singer, facilitates easing of pain through the voice,

  • David Eby uses meditation (by which he means focusing on breath and awareness of tension) to enhance musicianship and remove performance anxiety (having directed choirs and singers with miraculous musical results)

  • Jennifer Roig-Francoli actively seeks to remove ‘blocks’ between the soul (Alexander Technique) and the music or singing produced 

  • Rev Bazil Meade MBE (Director of London Community Gospel Choir) talks about ‘intent’, text, blend of tone, breathing and performance preparation for every singer.

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Your Classical Singing Lessons Online or Face-to-Face Teacher

Dr Robin Harrison PhD BMus(Hons)/GradRNCM FNCM ARCO LTCL DipLCM PGCE(QTS) MISM has studied under leading classical singing teachers including the former Musical Director for the National Youth Choirs of Great Britain and a Dramatic Coloratura Soprano, formerly soloist in Sydney Opera House, Welsh National Opera, English National Opera, Scottish National Opera and many more besides. He has a very creative approach to his own classical singing teaching. Classical Singing Lessons are Online or Face-to-Face.

Robin is an experienced gospel choir and classical choral director, as well as orchestral arranger based in Teesside. He was trained by many leading classical singing choral conductors, most recently by Sue Hollingworth, Gramophone Choral Director of the Year 2010, a British Empire Medal winner.

Articles on Singing Lessons Online

Debates about singing and vocal breathing technique

Interview with Martin Hall, former Chorus Master and Classical Singing Teacher for Richard Hickox CBE (World renowned British conductor)

Interview with Penny Randall Davis, international level dramatic coloratura soprano on classical singing and healing.

Advanced Classical Singing Lessons Online or In-Person

Diploma and university classical singing students benefit from advanced aural technique training and inspirational support for the paperwork element of their classical singing diploma or undergraduate music examinations.

Classical Singing Lessons Student Reviews

Alana Clift – Classical Singing Lessons Student and Pianist

I was trained by Robin in both piano and classical singing for a couple of years. Robin is an excellent and highly talented musician who helped me achieve my grade 8 piano and DipLCM in classical singing. I thoroughly enjoyed his holistic approach to teaching. Music became more than just simply note reading, it became an enjoyable experience as I was taught how to learn different techniques that enhanced the way I learnt pieces of music. As a result of this, I was able to gain huge confidence when performing in public and I begun to enjoy playing music even more due to Robin’s great teaching advice. I would highly recommend Robin!

Other Singing Student Reviews

“Robin was my high school teacher. I have never had such a compassionate teacher who would do anything to see his students succeed. He even stayed behind in his own time every day to help me and my development. I went on to receive A*s in practical and theory. Although the most important part of my learning was Robin’s excellent coaching skills which took me from a mediocre singer to coming second in a national singing competition with 12,000 contestants at the age of 18. I would not hesitate having any tuition from Robin.


Robin is a highly skilled teacher of voice enhancement taking good care not to stress vocal chords. He has not only improved my singing voice but also enhanced my verbal communication.. As a teacher of performance singing he also improved my presentation, giving me a much more relaxed approach to public speaking.

— Sue