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Solfege Lessons Online Library Review by Deborah Catterall (former Director National Youth Choir of Great Britain)

Dr Robin Harrison Academy teacher for the Royal College of Organist with parts of his Aural Kodaly-inspired teaching pedagogy published by Routledge.

Solfege Lessons and Kodaly Method Lessons Course Methodology.

  • Solfege Lessons and the Kodaly Method inspire all of the Music Courses Online.

The aim is to start with the sound, via solfege (the Do Re Mi system) and pursue a range of activities including using the ‘inner ear’ (hearing music in the mind). Skills are then further enhanced through tasks that enhance the ability to hear two parts at once (counterpoint) and by considering chords and chord progressions. The chords are then developed into a range of textures. These lead to improvisation (vocal and piano/organ courses) and are applied to classical, pop vocals (runs in the style of Beyonce), piano and organ playing.

  • Solfege and the Kodaly Method at the heart of the Sight-Singing Courses.

However, rather than focusing on individual pitches, groups of notes are considered via popular melodies. This is the equivalent of a young child reading words rather than sounding out individual letters. In this way, the library courses go significantly beyond traditional solfege and Kodaly method teaching. The magazines in the library of solfege courses then re-order elements of the taught famous songs and therefore the approach to sight-singing is structured so that the unfamiliar now seems familiar.

  • The Solfege Lessons and the Kodaly Method Courses for Adults.

Kodaly methodology often uses traditional playground games and is often focused on a younger audience. Here, popular Classical and Pop-Rock repertoire is particularly at the heart of the courses. In the organ improvisation courses, these are more historically informed and start with the Renaissance. In other words, these solfege and Kodaly method courses use ‘real music’.

  • Bespoke Solfege Courses Online and Kodaly Method Lessons Online.

Furthermore, the creator of the Maestro Online, Dr Robin Harrison, is personally behind the courses and is very happy to create and develop courses to your needs and requests, so please do get in touch.

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