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Piano Lessons from a National Level Piano Teacher

Classical Piano Lessons.

Robin started out with a classical training, attend conservatoire (the RNCM) and taught at conservatoire level. As a former diploma examiner he can also help take you to the next level of technique and expression, truly piano lessons from a national level piano teacher. To learn more, visit the Classical Piano Lessons page.

Jazz Piano Lessons.

Having reached No. 1 in the UK and No. 33 globally in the charts after self-releasing 3 albums with jazzy twists on Pop Songs, Robin can certainly offer you nationall level piano teacher innovative insights. It’s time to explore different scales, improvisation and swing to success. Visit the Jazz Piano Lesson pages for more details.

Rock Pop Piano Lessons.

There are plenty of examples of Robin’s personal twists on famous, new and old, rock-pop songs on the Rock-Pop Piano Lessons page. There’s also plenty to satisfy your desire to play the way you want to in the subscription Library Piano Courses.

All Piano Lessons Core Features

  • All piano lessons start with the ear and the sound, particularly developing your inner ear (hearing music in your mind). It is the musician, the mind, that tells the fingers what to do. Piano lessons should connect the mind, the imagination and the soul that the music effortlessly flows.

  • Piano lessons frequently develop performances of famous melodies alongside transposition of them into different keys. This results in piano lessons that help you intuitively feel the relationships between notes, rather than just their letter names.

  • Grasping chord progressions is important to piano lessons in all styles.

  • Improvise on key concepts/theory to gain a deeper understanding occurs in all piano lessons through practical activities. Theory does not have to be dry or ‘in a book’, rather, it should be alive (and fun!) in piano lessons through the pieces that we play.

  • Reading & sight-reading are frequently taught via adapted notation of the song/piece used in the piano lessons through a method that further enhances understanding and improvisation. In some piano lessons, the same piece might be presented in different keys for instance, in order to understand keys and scales practically. In other piano lessons, the same piece might be presented with different accompaniment styles.

  • Bespoke Piano Lessons – no two learners are the same. All 1-1 piano lessons are tailored to individuals. It is my job to find techniques to overcome whatever challenges you face in your piano lessons and I have a wealth of experience and teaching tools to do so.

Adult Piano Lessons: Visit Piano Lessons for Adults.

Library Online Piano Courses for Adults, visit: piano courses online.

Diploma pupils visit: piano lessons for advanced for 1-1 lessons

or piano lessons for advanced players for self-study online courses.