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Our Unique Approach

How Are Our Courses Different?

No one will ever be a clone of others

Every person develops their own individual expression & artistry

Curriculum Pedagogy

A Specialised Curriculum​ & Philosophy

unique holistic approach from aural skills & musicianship through improvisation, emotional well-being & creativity. We specialise & partner in creating courses & masterclasses in improvisation, piano, singing, organ, guitar, choir training, conducting, performance anxiety, aural (ear training and the Kodaly method), studio techniques (DAW), composition and orchestration in all styles. 

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Self-study Courses

Hey, Musical Mavericks! 🎵
Ready to level up your music game?

At The Maestro Online, we’re all about turning ‘practice’ into ‘party’! Dive into our world of musical magic where notes come alive and rhythms rock your socks off. Whether you’re a classical or pop piano pro, a guitar guru, an organ-gsta or a singing sensation, we’ve got lessons that’ll make you groove, laugh, and unleash your inner soloist or rockstar. Let’s make music that’s as epic as your favourite playlist! 🎸🎹✨

These courses are the result of thorough pedagogical research. They include video tutorials along with text and tasks on every page for the learner. At the end of each course, following a simple quiz and completion of all objectives, you will gain a certificate.

Masterclass Courses

Watch Our Experts at Work

To explore and extend even further, access unique self-study online Celebrity Music Masterclass Courses to enable the world’s greatest musicians to be your teachers. We have world-class courses from international-level, astonishingly talented and experienced pianists, singers and organists.  

Global phenomenons will inspire and engage you, providing insights into how the best professionals think, and instilling tips and tricks that elevate your music to another level. The courses use a “streamful process” with simple small steps from A to B. They are not just videos; they are structured pages with tasks for you to complete that lead towards a certificate on completion.

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Your Music Course Profile

Gamification is all part of engagement and incentivising your learning. Indulge in points, league tables, clear objectives, meet targets & download certificates. Universities, schools and colleges can track activity & progress.

Put improvisation and the ear at the core.
Use interactive technology (click the score and play piano for free), scores & gamification.
Complete tasks, see your progress & earn certificates.

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Educational Partnerships

Universities, Conservatoires, Colleges & Schools

For music colleges, universities, hubs and schools, we collaborate to create new courses & masterclasses specific to areas in your curriculum that you wish to further develop and enhance both within group/class/cohort settings and to further individual study. Music masterclasses, extensive practical harmony, musicianship, aural & improvisation.

Delivering an innovative, dynamic, creative and thorough music education.

Allowing all students to have access to the highest quality international musician.

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