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Popular Piano Lessons Online with not too many dots!

Do you want to be improvising and playing tunes in the first lesson? Explore the black notes and play simple songs straight away.  You will need a keyboard or piano in front of you and a tablet on your music stand so that you can watch my hands while you play.  A short summary tutorial video will be available to practise with at the end of each lesson.

Piano for the Pop/Rock pianist, Piano with few dots

This is a fun course for anyone who wants to play pop songs on the piano which will include some great songs!  There will be no significant need to read traditional notes at all.  Some people who enjoy these courses already play classical piano and are looking for some more light-hearted fun.  For others, they don’t want to read the ‘dots’ and simply want to sit down and play.  You will learn some simple pop songs, play chords and chord progressions and learn to improvise and put your own twist as we go.  Essentially, you will work towards, one day, creating your own piano covers of famous songs.  A short summary tutorial video will be available to keep for the future.

The Holistic Piano Lesson

Can you really integrate theory and aural to develop a holistic style in each lesson? Yes you can! Watch some of my videos below to find out more. Learn from pieces, understand their content and then take these elements on a journey – improvise around them to truly embed the learning.

How about piano improvisation with just 4 notes?

What about Improvising with Chords?

Want a Bespoke Online Music Course?

Is there something that you would like that isn’t listed here? Feel free to get in touch and I will happily create something bespoke specifically for you. All lessons and courses are tailored to the individual and a “one size fits all” approach is never applied. What would you like? What style of music would you like? What technique or aspect of your singing, playing or theory would you like to explore? Simply send an email or give me a call.

Your Tutor and Online Video Lessons

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Robin has 30 years teaching experience using very unique teaching techniques. He has taught at Conservatoires and has been Director of Music and Manager of Performing Arts at leading schools in the UK and Cairo. He reached No. 33 globally in Reverbnation Jazz Charts and trained Classically at a Conservatoire himself. He is extremely highly qualified and yet is approachable as your neighboured online tutor!

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