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Beginner Piano Improvisation

Beginner Piano Improvisation Lesson

Use current hits, enabling beginner piano improvisation.

Three Note Melodies and Pentatonic Scale for Beginner Piano Improvisation

Beginner piano improvisation can start with snippets of melodies using solfege (the do-re-mi system). This RagnBone song only uses three notes in its initial phrase. Start with the three black keys to get a good handshape. Then quickly play the melody in different keys. Already, as a beginner piano improviser you have played a 3 note melody and learned about keys. Less than 10 minutes!

Extend this melody, using the original, and you’ll find yourself using all 5 black keys.

Harmony in Beginner Piano Improvisation Lessons

If you check out my beginner piano improvisation lesson teaser on Arcade by Duncan Laurence (here), you will find natural left hand progression. Arcade uses parallel fifths, resembling the medieval era. Anywhere Away from Here has a similar concept, but with the third chord top note altering by one semitone to form a minor sixth. Beginner piano improvisation is – “playing around” and, through using different keys you gain a deeper comprehension.

Beginner Piano Improvisation Lessons – creating your own Pop Piano Covers

Here’s two beginner piano improvisations, putting things together. The first explores the blues and pentatonic scales. The next maintains the left hand pattern, but melodic elements return more frequently.

Online Beginner Piano Improvisation Lessons

For zoom or online beginner piano improvisation courses, Dr Robin Harrison has much to share with you. The courses are PDFs with embedded teaching videos. Library members also get to request courses alongside email and zoom support (this is better than an app!).

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