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Sharing Piano Improvisation Ideas

Online piano lessons and teaching involves sharing tips. It is wonderful that my latest review has been published by on 29th March 2021 (view: Music Maestro takes a Holistic Approach to Teaching Online).

Minor Chords and Simple but effective Improvisation

One pop piano improvisation tip that I shared hit over 1000 views in 48 hours and uses Rasputin by Boney M and can be viewed on youtube. I demonstrate a simple pattern using only 5 fingers in order to create a sparkling impressive pattern with little technical expertise needed.

Developing Left Hand Patterns

The pianist’s left hand is often a source of discussion in pop piano lessons. Developing left hand piano styles can rapidly make a piece sound more advanced or sophisticated and this tip is demonstrated using the Wellerman Sea Shanty (currently made famous by Nathan Evans but also by the likes of Boyzone in the past and even more so via TikTok). Again, this song is a great route into minor chords.

Pop Piano Songs for beginner and intermediate Pianists

The Wellerman Sea Shanty is also a great piece for a relative beginner or intermediate level pop pianist. An experienced online pop piano teacher will tailor each song to the student, altering its difficulty accordingly so that it presents enough of a challenge to create progress, yet not too overwhelming for the pop piano student.

Playing Pop Piano Songs for Special Occasions

Many people learn to play pop piano for a special occasion. One pupil wanted simply to learn one piece in order to propose marriage. Recently, I performed Mama by the Spice Girls for Mothers’ Day for my mum and my wife. Sometimes pop piano doesn’t have to show off, but just be simple and genuine. The meaning behind the playing can often show through.

Online Pop Piano Improvisation Mash Ups

Inspired by a UK TV appearance by Sir Tom Jones, I mashed up the Tom and Jerry theme tune with his performance of Great Balls of Fire. It’s great when you can mix tunes up in your improvisations. I was first inspired to do this when I heard a Russian guitarist mix up Mozart with Avril Lavigne, Rolling Stones and Andrew Lloyd Webber. I immediately sought lessons from this amazing man and studied with him for four years. He re-inspired me in the most amazing way.

My other pop piano mash ups include A Classical Journey Through My Day,

or one of my early adverts for piano lessons that includes songs relating to weather.

Pop Piano Fun and Entertainment

My video on It’s Raining Men gained over 1700 TikTok views in 24 hours, somehow I caught the attention of many. Perhaps it was my son with the watering can? Take a look!

What is the point in music if it doesn’t bring pleasure? Well, Stephen returned for his input in Blinding Lights by Weeknd, also famous for it’s use by Fortnite, and you guessed it, a flashlight was definitely involved.

Other TikTok inspired tracks include Savage Love by Jason Derulo and BTS in which I poke fun at the challenges posed by coordination when playing the piano and the related TikTok dance.

So… Do your pop piano lessons leave you Feeling Good, Like you Should? (Sunday Best by Surfaces).

Pop along to and take a look at what is on offer for you.

Pop Piano Courses and Pop Vocal Courses Online

Interested in joining a library of online courses? There’s actually a Pop Vocal Course that uses the Wellerman Sea Shanty to teach vocal technique, the natural minor scale, harmony and improvisation in the library. There’s numerous Pop Piano Courses from We Will Rock You through to My Heart Will Go On and more.

The library courses are PDF magazines with video tutorials embedded on every page.

Members of the library also request courses specifically for them.

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