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Piano Lessons for Adults

Learning the piano as an adult can be a great way to express yourself creatively and make music with friends and family. With piano lessons, you’ll be able to play popular tunes you’ve always wanted to try and challenge yourself with the help of a national level teacher, online piano courses, and celebrity piano masterclasses.

Start with a snippet of Imagine, groove via We Will Rock You, sail through My Heart Will Go On.

Begin with the sound, play the melody straight away, add some chords, improvise in the style that you want, add a bass line and then, if you want, check out some notation too.

Develop the skills to learn pieces from anywhere. Play what you want, how you want.

There are literally hundreds of online courses in the library AND Celebrity Piano Masterclasses! Let us know what you would like first! From Adele to Katy Perry, The Beatles to Avicii, there is so much evolving. Request courses, ask for your favourite songs for piano.

A video of a higher level Pops Piano Course Magazine (tutorial videos are embedded on almost every page)

What do Adult Piano Course Subscribers Think?

Are you an adult looking to learn how to play the piano? You can now discover the joy of music with online piano lessons and celebrity masterclasses! With popular tunes that you’ve always wanted to play, get ready to take your skill level to a whole new level by taking national level piano teacher online courses.

Popular Online Piano Course Student gives his Review.

The Benefits of these Online Adult Piano Courses.

  • The adult piano courses are great as stand-alone units for independent learners, or as a supplement to your existing 1-1 lessons.

  • Too old to learn? Haha! You’re never too old to learn piano! Piano lessons for adults are fabulous!

  • Used to learn piano but didn’t get to play the pieces that you wanted to?

  • Library membership gives you unlimited access to learn piano at your own pace, the adult piano courses are flexible.

  • Unpredictable real life adult schedule? Practice piano when you can, and take a break whenever you need!

  • Can’t find the piece you want? Adult piano course library members can request bespoke courses for free.

  • Human support? Online Zoom support is available for adult piano course subscribers, all inclusive.

  • Read this article about pop Adult Piano Lessons.

4 Strategies for Real Success in Piano Lessons

  • No more simply copying piano.

  • Learn and understand through playing piano & improvising on key concepts.

  • Use ear training to connect your mind to your piano fingers!

  • Develop your own style: progress and develop the musical skills to play or exactly how you have always wanted to.

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Piano Lessons that enhance expression and release tension

piano lessons for adults

Adult Piano Lessons Relieving Anxiety

Pupil A’s holistic piano lesson. ‘A’ can feel really anxious and has discovered piano improvisation as a way to help her let emotions flow. In tonight’s lesson she arrived visibly anxious her legs were constantly moving, feet tapping, and hands slightly shaking.

  1. We started with a short piano melody, a snippet of a famous song that she knows well, We Will Rock You. She played the melody on the piano using the 3 black keys and the note B. We then counted the intervals (distance) between each note, deducing which notes would be used in different keys.

  2. She sang a bass whilst playing the melody on the piano. She was developing the ability to hear two parts at once – playing one on the piano, singing the other. Next, she played the bass that she was singing with her left-hand on the piano.

  3. Now having a melody and bass, she repeated to play the two parts in many keys on the piano.

  4. She was now able to adapt the melody and bass, the order of notes and the rhythms, to create her own improvisation.

First adult piano lesson and an adult is improvising on the piano to relieve anxiety, and with fluency in many keys.

Do you connect your Piano Playing with your soul?

Adult piano lessons often involve connecting ‘known songs’ and developing skills at the piano through creative teaching. The creative element of piano teaching is too often missing from piano lessons. Tonight was a delightful entire evening of teaching.

Baroque Piano Lessons This Week

The repertoire ranged from Handel’s Water Music:

  • Just which fingers should you use in the Baroque?

  • Do harpsichord/piano trills start on the upper note or not in the 17th Century?

  • How many notes in the chord before you spread the piano chord?

  • Should piano chords always be spread from the bass up?

  • What is detaché touch on the piano?

  • Do I just add piano ornaments at the cadences?

Pop Piano Lessons this week (Adele):

  • Should I add little ornamental decorations that vocalists use on the piano?

  • Can I make the way I play the piano reflect the range of vocal tone she has?

  • What if the melody is phrased behind the beat but the LH piano part is on the beat?

Romantic Piano Lesson Today (Mendellssohn):

  • How can a piano create what might appear to be a song without words?

  • How much can I use the sustain pedal on the piano?

  • Should I half-pedal or full pedal for Mendellssohn’s piano works?

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