Theory in Pop Piano Lessons

Rests, the natural minor scale and note repetition in Levitating by Dua Lipa are a really important characteristic of the song.

Dua Lipa said of the lyrics:

This is about me exploring happy songs and doing something that’s not ‘dance crying.’

It’s about having fun and meeting someone and falling in love and thinking, ‘You’ve probably met me at the perfect time, let’s just go for it.’ It’s the feeling when love makes you feel like you’re levitating. It’s otherworldly.

Pop Piano Technique and Note Repetition

Repeating the same note quickly is not as easy as you might think and yet it’s a key feature of this song. Dohnányi was a composer who invented some incredible piano exercises. I demonstrated a simplified version in this video that really makes a difference to your piano technique. You hold all of your fingers and thumb down on the keys and repeat one finger, not moving the others. This makes you move entirely from your knuckles, not your arm, and this exercise will not work if you have any excess tension anywhere.

Pop Piano Cover Improvisation and Rests

Rests are often overlooked in improvisation, piano covers and composition. In fact, I was only reading a book last night called “Healing with the Voice” by James D’Angelo, in which he discusses that the silence after a note is far more effective than the silence before it. It is amazing how much effect ‘gaps’ or ‘rests’ can have in a piece.

If you are interested in other lessons exploring rests, try my lesson on High Hopes by Panic at the Disco:

Natural Minor Scale in Pop Piano Improv

What else gives this song it’s flavour? The natural minor scale. For the simplest version of the natural minor, simply play from A to A on your white keys and there it is. It’s a very mellow sound don’t you think?

Want to try your Natural Minor Scale out in a different Rock Pop Piano Lesson?

Levitating Rock Pop Piano Cover

Finally, here’s my rock pop piano cover of Levitating by Dua Lipa.

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