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Aural Training Online

Do you want to take aural training online with a highly qualified teacher? If the answer is yes, then The Maestro Online is the right place for you. The Maestro Online is a specialist service that is home to an extensive online music course library, where you can learn everything from aural training and musicianship to piano, sight-singing and organ.


You’ll be able to learn at your own speed, on your own terms. What’s more, The Maestro Online’s lessons all follow an all-inclusive approach – incorporating numerous aspects such as musicianship, understanding, improvisation, theory and more. No matter your age or style, The Maestro Online is the best place to learn – visit our website to sign up for our aural training online today. 


Should you have any questions, contact us by email at and we’ll be in touch soon. 


Introducing The Maestro Online


When you’re looking to participate in aural training online, it’s imperative that you learn with a qualified, experienced and supportive teacher such as The Maestro Online. Our teacher, Dr Robin Harrison, has more than 30 years of dedicated teaching experience and several qualifications to his name including composition, piano, organ and singing diplomas, a musicology PhD and a conservatoire degree. 


He covers a broad array of musical styles in aural, piano, organ, singing, vocal, musicianship, composition and improvisation lessons. Lessons can be taken both online or face-to-face, according to the learner’s wishes. The Maestro Online has an in-depth online music library that takes an all-encompassing training approach – building you as a musician in every single area. To find out more about our aural training online, contact The Maestro Online today via the details below. 


What Does Aural Training Online involve?


At The Maestro Online, learners can take aural training online via our comprehensive online music library. Our aural training is especially useful for any students who are planning to take advanced classical examinations, A Levels, undergraduate studies, music diplomas or want to learn to improvise. It will provide you with the right foundations and base knowledge to advance in your musical journey. 


Our aural training online encompasses a number of different areas. These include Pitch and Solfege, Unison, Counterpoint and Harmony – leading into Sight-Singing too. You’ll also be able to learn the sound to symbolise well-known tunes. If you join The Maestro Online’s music library, you’ll have access to every single course on our website, and you’ll also be able to request courses based on your own interests too. 


Begin Aural Training Online Today


Should you like to kickstart your aural training online today, then please sign up to our aural and sight-singing library via the link on The Maestro Online website. You can also book one-to-one singing lessons if this is something that you’re interested in too. 


To get in touch with The Maestro Online, please leave a message via the online form on our website, or email us at and we will be in touch with you shortly. We hope to hear from you soon. 

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